How To Find The Perfect Sports Bra


Time to master that awkward process



Buying a bra of any kind can get a little frustrating sometimes but some people think that buying a sports bra should be easier. And while this is (in a way) true, you need to understand that every sports bra is built differently, too.


Find your size

A mistake most women make is that they wear a sports bra with too big a band and too small a cup. So don’t just walk into a store and buy whatever size thinking they all do the same thing. Have your measurements taken and get as close to them as you can when shopping.



Choose the strap

Sports bras generally come in either racerbacks or with wide straps. The racerback will give more support because they anchor the bra closer to the body. On the other hand, wide straps distribute weight better and are good for necessary adjustments—thereby being ideal for those who are larger-breasted.


Consider activity intensity

If your workouts are of the more intense variety, you should look for a sports bra with individual cups. On the other hand, if your activity requires low to moderate movement, then you can go for a compression style.



Pullovers can be friends or foes

If you have smaller breasts, pullovers are a great option. But if you’re from the other end of the line, go for something with a back clasp, which gives you the ability to adjust the band and give yourself more support.


Hit the right points

Support generally comes from three points—the straps, the cups and band or side panels. To check the straps, hold it at the top with one hand and use your other hand to hold the middle of the corresponding cup. If there’s a lot of stretch, you won’t be getting much support.


As for the cups, use the same test by tugging on the top and bottom of each cup. When you get to the band, put a finger under it between your breasts—you shouldn’t be able to pull for more than an inch. Afterwards, reach your arms overhead. If the band creeps up, then you know it’s too big.




Of all things that are mediocre in this world, don’t let your bras be one of them.