The New Sneaker You Need To Own


Nike’s done it again



Way back when, dressing up meant leather shoes for men and high heels for women. But fortunately for those of us who love to dress in comfort, sneakers have since broken into that dress category. Sure, you still can’t wear them to a formal event, but anything slightly south of that is completely acceptable—you just need the right pair.


Nike has been a staple in the athletic and fashion world for years now. And with the SF AF-1 Mid Triple Ivory, the company has once again hit it out of the park.



The all-white pair was inspired by military functionality and each feature, whether big or small, was well thought out and even better executed. The shoe sports a mid-rise collar and removable strap for versatility, as well as a heel zip for easy entry.



It is, without a doubt, the perfect reinterpretation of the classic Air Force 1 silhouette.


In order to keep things more modern without disrespecting the original, Nike designed the SF AF-1 with text on the lateral side of the shoe. The text sports the technical specifications of the sneaker, including its “Urban Utility Function.” The detail is hardly noticeable, but gives the pair the face lift it (not so desperately) needed.



The best part? The pair is completely easy to complement. It can be the highlight of any outfit without being overbearing, but it can also lay low for those times you want to highlight another article of clothing. 




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