10 Practical Christmas Gift Ideas Your Friends & Family Will Love (And Actually Use)


Because everyone appreciates help on the daily 



When we were kids, toys were the best gifts. By the time we hit 10, it was video games, nail polish or posters of our favorite bands. When we hit teenage-hood, we asked for makeup, skateboards and cellphones. But now that we have actual needs, we often feel ourselves wishing for useful things instead.


Trust us, you aren’t alone—which is exactly why you should take the practical route this year when gift-giving.



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Bath time!

For one reason or another, we all look forward to hitting the shower or tub at the end of a long day. There’s something relaxing about washing the day away that nothing else can match. So why not make it more fun (and a little more luxurious) for the ones you love?


The Snowman bubbleroon from Lush is a particularly great product to have during bath time. Dissolving the little cutie will give off a summer vibe thanks to the lemon oils, but its hardworking shea butters and silky cocoa will leave anyone’s skin feeling moisturized and smooth. 


But if you want to give someone some adventure, then put this Rocket Bath Bomb under their tree. The mellow yellow will mix in beautifully with the deep blue and pink, with the lemon fragrance that is sure to take them to another world. 


Soap is essential, but it need not be boring. This Christmas Citrus bar will liven up anyone’s bath time. Lime oil, mood brightening lemon infusion and a helping of bergamot? You literally cannot go wrong. 


Scents & Sensibilities

For friends and loved ones who are particular about how they smell, there's no doubt they will appreciate a refreshing fragrance to add to their vanity. And for a scent that will suit any taste, get a whiff of this: Nautica Voyage. Inspired by travel and seamanship, Voyage is fresh, cool and aquatic thanks to its top notes of green leaf and crisp apple, paired with water lotus and drenched mimosa as well as with hints of damp moss, musk and refined woody amber. And though made for men, the scent is refreshing enough to be worn by women, especially those with an active lifestyle. 


Nautica Voyage and Nautica Voyage Sport (not pictured) are available in 50ml (P1,950) and 100ml (P2,450) EDT bottles while Nautica Voyage N-83 in 50ml (P1,650) and 100ml (P2,150) EDT bottles. Nautica Fragrances are exclusively distributed by Rustan Marketing Corporation and are available at Rustan’s, SM Stores, Landmark and Robinson’s Department stores.


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Dress up!

Another way to go is to gift those you care about with something you know they’re going to use. And while style and aesthetic vary from person to person, there are a few things that everyone can use.


Clean lines and simple shapes are what define the designs of Dienestie by Sunglass Haven. The eyewear is specifically made to compliment Asian faces, so keep this one close to the family. 


Nothing like giving a little class to those we love during the holidays. This piece from The Gentleman Project’s Gala Collection is simple, elegant and classic. It’s an easy piece to pull off and can take anyone from a casual Friday at work to an evening of fine dining. 


For Perfume


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Tech upgrade!

At the speed that technology is developing, it can get a little difficult to keep up. New releases and services are being released practically every week and this gets some people a little dizzy and confused. So this season, be the voice of reason and give only the essentials.


Streaming is definitely a thing of the present, but not everyone has a smart TV. So for the friends that don’t want to make that plunge or are still a little doubtful, give the gift of the future with the Google Chromecast


With the number of devices everyone has these days, we all need a few more sockets in our life. So make someone’s life a little easier this year and give them access to as many as three USB ports—one for their personal phone, one for their work phone, one for their tablet and another for a powerbank.  


Speaking of powerbanks, they are becoming more and more important as the days go by. So if you’re thinking of someone that is always on the go or always stays out late, give them the gift that will just keep giving.


If the person you care about commutes, endlessly watches movies and videos or just loves music, then how can you go wrong with a great headset? Two words: you can’t.




They say you receive whatever you give. And because you know what it’s like to be gifted something you won’t necessarily use (don’t lie!), why not be practical instead of frivolous?