Busy? Here’s A List of Last Minute Gift Ideas Anyone Would Appreciate


Because sometimes we just don’t have the time



There’s only a few days left before Christmas—heck, scratch that. It’s Christmas and almost the New Year, and you’re still at work trying to reply to all your unread emails, finish year-end reports and everything else before the whole world goes on full vacation. We get it. So without much further adieu, here’s a no-nonsense list of things you can get for friends and family just before you dash to that (pre- or post) Christmas gathering.



1 Go grocery shopping and get a holiday basket while you’re at it.

So while you’re at the supermarket grabbing ingredients or ready-made meals for that holiday spread, why not get a holiday basket, too? All grocery stores pretty much have one and it consists of wine or juice, queso de bola or whatever cheese they have, pasta noodles and sauce to go with it, other canned goods as well as ingredients to make fruit salad.


via Rustan’s


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2. Wrapping paper, scissors, books & more.

Now that the groceries are done, you’re probably off to the bookstore to get some gift wrapping paper, cards, more tape and perhaps scissors just in case. What else can you get at a bookstore? For one, books, which still make great gifts for kids or grown ups. Other than that, there are notebooks, planners and cute pens to choose from. Toys, collectibles—including wearable merch from your favorite book or movie titles—and other knick-knacks also abound.


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via National Bookstore


3. Gas up and pick up a new (toy) car.

You’re on your way to the family reunion and boom—you realize you’re low on gas and you left your nephew’s gift or worse, you really just forgot to pick up a present for the little guy. Fear not, gas stations these days not only offer fuel, but toy cars, too. Our favorite? Shell’s limited-edition Ferrari toy cars:


via Shell. See the full collection here


The best part? Even the big boys will like these toys.


4. Convenience stores: the final stop, you know, just in case.

Okay, it’s not your day and you forgot everything. Breathe. This is when you’ll appreciate convenience stores for being, well, convenient. They literally have everything: chips, drinks, fruits, ice cream, ready-to-eat food, even toys! So grab a bottle of wine or Jack, some chips to go with it or some fruits if that’s what you fancy, and get the little ones a Hot Wheels die cast car or miniature Barbie (available in select 7-Eleven stores), or surprise egg toys (available in select convenience stores)!


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As they say, if there’s a will, there’s way. Don’t show up empty handed. Happy holidays!