The Male Choker Trend, Yay or Nay?


Real men don’t just wear pink, they wear women’s accessories, too?



The 90s staple accessory choker (remember the supernatural goth girls of The Craft? Nancy’s spiked choker was all the rage then) made a resurgence in women’s fashion last year. From slim to thick, plain to riveted, and silk to velvet renditions, the choker was 2016’s ultimate accessory. This year, the guys are taking over the trend and calling it the male/man choker. Whether it was this guy who claims he started the trend, Jaden Smith or ASOS, we’ve also seen the dudely accessories in Louis Vuitton’s S/S ’17 and Gucci’s Cruise ’17 collections. Though the trend isn’t exactly new as celebrities like Harry Styles and Matt Lauer have been sporting the trend for years, and was even part of The O.C.’s Ryan Atwood’s signature look.


The O.C.’s resident troubled teen Ryan Atwood played by Ben McKenzie


Gucci Cruise 2017


Pro-tip: Why not wear a simple black choker with a graphic t-shirt for a look that says cool and manly without trying too hard?



So, what do you think boys? Would you wear the man choker?


Yay or Nay :







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