Mismatched Accessories & How To Wear Them


Learn the art of mismatching—store-bought or DIY! 



Making sure our pieces of clothing match each other has become second nature to most of us. But then again, there are others who have embraced the trend of mismatching pieces of an outfit to create a look that screams street-style and individuality.



In mismatching socks, there are basically no rules. Go basic with one and go funky with the other; play with colors of different ends of the spectrum; go monochrome—it really doesn’t matter. Some companies even sell mismatched socks in theme.




On the other hand, mismatched shoes are a little harder to pull off. For logical reasons, they need to be the same height and of the same family. So pair a sneaker with a sneaker and pair a sandal with a sandal. If you’re a little on the conservative side, but you still want to try on the trend, mismatch different colors of the exact same pair.


Reebok Trainflex Sneakers (P3,300) 


Reebok Twistform Blaze 3.0 Mtm Sneakers (P3,050) 




Mismatched earrings have been appearing on the runway of several designers. To pull it off, you can opt to play with different angles while keeping the metal and stone color consistent. Of course, you can also go the funky route and sport two different pieces that still fall within the same category. Emoji earrings, anyone?


Jewelplace Jasmin Flower Cubic Zircon Earrings (P698) 


Jewelplace Flower Cubic Zircon Earrings (P649) 




This is a little easier, because when you buy a mismatched shirt, it’s already mismatched for you. The designer has taken on the responsibility of choosing which fabric and pattern goes with another. All you need to do is finish things off. Keep things basic in order not to steal away from the main piece of your look.


Stylenanda Fluted Hem Checks Dress (P3,549)


Stylenanda Asymmetric Hem Stripped Shirt (P2,349) 



Nail Polish

Go crazy with this one; it really doesn’t matter. You can go simple and choose different colors for each nail or you can stick to one base coat and then change it up with different nail art. It’s a subtle statement that will stick out just when you want to.


Image from Instagram/eunji.kim_0


Image from Instagram/sanj_nail_ptg




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