White Bottoms Are Forever. All The Reasons Why


Time to invest in a pair



White bottoms tend to get a lot of flak in the casual scene because they’re hard to maintain and keep clean—but this doesn’t negate the fact that everyone should have a pair in their closet. The closet staple is versatile, timeless and totally easy to style.


It’s for everyone

Because white jeans/trousers/shorts come in all cuts, textures and colors (yes, there are different washes), you’re sure to find the right pair for you. You can go distressed, clean, cropped, long, skinny, wide-legged or any match of these things. Whatever your aesthetic or preferred style, it’ll be easy to work it into your working wardrobe.


Factorie Gal Friend Jeans (P1,799)


It goes with everything

That said, it’s easy to style a pair of white jeans, trousers or shorts because it pretty much matches anything. It isn’t like a bright colored bottom that you’ll have to think about whether or not it will work with something else. Whatever you already have on, just throw on your white bottoms and walk out.


It’s for every occasion

Depending on how you style it, you can take white bottoms out anywhere. If it’s a wide-legged trouser, pair it with a nice set of heels and a tailored top to take it to a more upscale event. Or if you’re just having a fun night out, you can wear something that hugs your legs and a top that catches attention and voila! your ensemble is ready.


Mango Bow Culottes Trousers (P1,295)


It’s never boring

Unlike the standard denim bottoms, a white pair will always make you stick out more. It’s eye-catching and statement-making, so for those days and nights you want to look and feel your best, go for the white.


Here’s how you can take care of it

To take care of your white bottoms, wash them with warm water. It’ll help remove germs and dirt, but make sure not to use hot water because that might cause them to shrink. Also, treat stains immediately; don’t let them settle. And for the particularly clumsy, carry around a Tide stick.


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