Back To School Bags You Need To Get Your Hands On


There’s nothing to start of the year like a new school bag



Some of us dread the start of a new school year for plenty of reasons. We don’t want to hit the books just yet, we don’t want homework, or we have a few beaches we still want to visit. But there are some perks that come with a new school year and this includes getting a new school bag.


Anello Hig Density Backpack


We’re seeing Anello everywhere right now, so you’re likely to share this with a couple of schoolmates, but its easy style and sturdy design will compensate for it. It looks like a classic, which means its aesthetic will be timeless as well. Do yourself a favor and invest in the bag now because it’s going to stay with you for a few years.


Herschel Pop Quiz Mid Backpack (P4,290) 


Despite its years in the market, Herschel is still kind of rare to see around. There are so many designs to choose from that you might even have trouble choosing. What’s great about the brand, however, is that it has pockets for everything. You’ll have a section for your books, your papers, your pens that are all built right into the bag.


Jansport Superbreak Backpack

There is arguably no other brand as trusted by a great majority of the public than Jansport. It’s a great buy, not just because it’s sturdy but because it’s versatile, too. You won’t just be using it for school, you can take it with you during your travels and adventures as well. And let’s face it, the company has released some very cute designs recently.


Cath Kidston Little Village Mini Satchel


Then again, if you’re looking for something cute to carry around with you, you can also direct your eyes to Cath Kidston. Their bag collection is impressive, feminine and can be the center of all your #OOTDs. At the same time, however, they’ll go with anything you have in your closet, including your school uniform.


Faguo Casual Laptop Sling Bag


Then again, if you prefer to keep things digital, then you there are some choice options available, like this one from Faguo. But while you may prefer to take notes on a keyboard, you’ll still have other things to hold onto. This choice is a smart one to make because it doubles as a normal bag as well. You can fit in your papers and books along with your laptop.


There’s a lot to be excited about with the upcoming school year. Why not make it yours and look great while doing so?