Rainy Day Shoes You Need For The Monsoon Season


Time to pack away those sneakers



The clouds are coming in and you all know what that means: rain. We’ve already gotten a glimpse of it in the past couple of days, but we’re expecting more to come soon. And because we don’t like to waste a good excuse to dress up—and we hate ruining our summer staples—it’s time to show off those rain shoes.


Be chic, comfortable and dry in these pairs of all-weather footwear. 


Women’s Waterproof Boots



When the rain starts to pour, you can’t go wrong with waterproof boots. Stick to a solid black pair that still has shape and you’ve got yourself your monsoon-go-to. 


Lucy Wellies



If the all-black gear is not your thing, change it up with a pattern that will still keep your legs dry but won’t look as basic. 


Fishing Shoes



Then again, you can go for something low cut, especially if you’re scared about cutting off your legs at a weird length. 


Native Jericho Sneakers



But if you’re still not ready to let go of the sneaker aesthetic, then opt for this waterproof pair instead. They won’t get ruined by the puddles, rain and splashes, but you’ll still look fresh and summery. 


E8 by Miista



This is a dressier option you can take. The cage detailing and black studs will automatically up your look. And while your feet won’t stay dry, you can rest easy knowing the pair can take the rain. 



Don’t be afraid to step out in the next few months. There are so many shoe options available out there that are just waiting for you to snatch up. And the best thing is, they’re easy to work into your daily life, no matter what your style is.