Stylish Ways To Stay Dry This Rainy Season


Don’t let the weather get you looking drab



When we see the skies start to get overcast, we all tend to dress to the weather. And with the world turning a gray hue, it sometimes gets difficult not to dress in the same color scheme. Black umbrellas, gray sweaters and ratty sneakers are a tried and tested equation. But it won’t help to break it up once in a while.


Color Things Up With An Umbrella

A great way to break the mold and still stay practical is to color things up with your umbrella. Stand out with a printed or colored option and you’ll instantly turn your ensemble from lifeless to Instagram-worthy.



Cover Up With A Hat

Hats aren’t just for the beach; they’re a great way to stay protected when a light drizzle starts to trickle down. They’re easy to work into almost any outfit and there are so many styles to play and experiment with. A standard baseball cap will do, but you can also opt for something more eye-catching.


Dandelion Infinity Floppy Hat (P649) 


Hanyu Casual Cap (P613.70) 



Keep Your Feet Dry With Weather-Appropriate Boots

There’s something about boots that heighten up anyone’s aesthetic and it doesn’t hurt that it’s perfect for the rainy season, too. Now is the time to bring them out and keep your feet dry. Make it the highlight of your entire look by choosing a stand-out pair or stay safe with something more neutral.


Lucy Wellies Glen (P2,199)


Lucy Wellies Bethany (P1,845)


Bang Wool Rain Boots (P1,550) 



Hit Every Corner With A Rain Coat

This is your chance to layer up, so take advantage of it. We may not be able to wear fur-lined parkas here, but we can wear a cute rain coat. Play with silhouettes, colors, patterns and lengths to keep things interesting.



Be Secure With A Bag

One of the worst things about the rain is that the water tends to get everywhere. It’s hard enough getting around when the weather is dreary, so save yourself the trouble of drying your belongings with a water-proof bag. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to mean boring.


Doughtnut Toast Backpack (P4,295) 


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Stay safe and dry this season—and look cute while doing it.