What’s New With Adidas?


Hint: We love everything about it



When you’re one of the biggest companies in the world, it can get a little difficult to keep setting the standard. There’s a complicated in-between of wanting to best yourself and the wide open space of how to do that. Adidas has the answer and we’re on full support.


The company’s new Z.N.E Zero-Dye Hoodie is the latest addition to a product line that aims to inspire athletes to focus on what really matters. It’s chic, reliable, practical and has all the greatest points that adidas has built its brand on. 



Find focus on what really matters

The apparel was created using a no-dye process, a practice that saves on resources by using materials in their natural color. The idea is to make customers more conscious, not only of their performance, but of the footprint they leave as well. With this state of mind, wearers are able to concentrate on other important things. This is the thought behind adidas’ new tagline: Find focus on what really matters.


Why you need it

Purchasing the Z.N.E Zero-Dye Hoodie is technically for a good cause, but what use is apparel if you can’t work it into your daily aesthetic? The great thing is, it goes with almost anything.



Pair it up with a pair of distressed shorts or drawstring bottoms to completely cash in on the sporty vibe. 



Or work it with a pencil skirt or well-tailored pants for a more polished look. The options are virtually endless.


Where to get it

The Z.N.E Zero-Dye Hoodie was designed to give the wearer only premium comfort, allowing them to focus on what’s at hand. And the great thing is that it’s now available in the Philippines. Get yours at adidas Greenbelt, TriNoma and Fort. The Hoodie retails for P3,995 and the shorts go for PP2,995.