How To Go Braless This Summer: A Guide


Because strappy summer dresses are cute, but visible bra straps aren’t



Yes, we’re talking about our bras. They usually get in the way of backless tops and strappy dresses, which is disappointing because they’re cute. And the weather doesn’t help curb our wanting to wear them either.


The good news is that the industry has gotten smarter and bra technology is better than ever before. As such, there are several options to consider when you want to go out without your bra. 



Option 1: Pasties

Pasties come in different fabrics, and each have their own pros and cons. Paper and cloth pasties work best when used under thicker fabrics because the edges won’t peek through. Crisscrossed band aids are a cheap alternative. But if you’re wearing something thinner and more lightweight, then we suggest silicon pasties. They work well because it helps create a seamless look, but the issue is that they’re more expensive.


If you want something that will hold your boobs together, there’s always the free bra route to take. They’re generally just two larger pasties that you can connect in the middle with a built-in hook.



Option 2: Tape

There are two ways to use tape in your adventure to go sans-bra. The first is to stick the clothing directly to your body, which would effectively stop any nip slips. There is, however, still the risk of the tape coming undone, so lighter and fitted clothing will work best. We suggest taking fashion tape out for a trial run in this department.


The second way to go about it is to tape your breasts together or to your shoulders. This allows you to shape your chest in virtually any way you want, depending on how tightly you use the tape. If this is the way you want to go, then you can opt for leukotape. Or if you’re hardcore like Kim K, you can try duct tape. 



Option 3:  Go au naturale

There is always the option to just go natural and let your girls move freely. If you’re comfortable with this, then by all means go for it. It’s arguably the most comfortable, most inexpensive and most hassle-free way to go. 


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