Statement Tees Are Having A Major Moment & You Should Be Part Of It


Say what’s on your mind without actually having to say anything at all



When it comes to style, you can go for the extremes or you can settle for something between the basics and the extravagant. But the beauty about simplicity is that there is so much room left to make a statement. You can dress a simple top with the right accessories and you instantly have a night outfit. Or you can chill it out and throw on a pair of denim cutoffs, and yet you’ll still look put together. And for those days you really want to get your thoughts across—without actually having to open your mouth—let your statement tees do the talking.


For when you can’t get rid of those Monday blues.  

Bench, P359.75


Because while it gets tiring to complain about Mondays, Mondays never get any more fun.


For when your crush can’t take a hint. 

Tanshirts, P380


Because sometimes subtlety is not the way to go, especially when your crush is manhid.


For those days that people need a little reminder.

Tanshirts, P380


Sometimes they just forget, you know?


For when you need something to live by.

Bench, P359.75


A little Audrey Heburn for when you need a pick-me-up.


For those days that you just won’t have it. 

Bum, P224.88


When no one leaves you alone, sometimes the best course of action is to say it with a tee.


For those inevitable days when you need a reason to get up and out.

SM Woman, P319.80


Because shopping can at times be a strong motivator. 


For when you need to tell someone about those times you appreciate them.

Factory For Hire, P900


Because it might take a few drinks to be able to tolerate some people.






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