Off-Shoulder Swimsuits: Yay Or Nay?


Dig deep into one of summer’s hottest trends



Whenever you walk outside, you’re bound to see one or two (or five) girls in off-shoulder tops or dresses. It’s been a hot trend for a while now and it’s easy to understand why. They’re fashionable, cute and sexy, plus they give your body some extra room to breathe. But should they be worn at the beach and in the pool?


Yes, of course they should.

The really wonderful thing about off-shoulder swimsuits is that they look good on most body types. Whether you’re curvy or a little less so, that off-shoulder detail will work well for you. So if you want some great photos and a cute little outfit to lounge around in, this is perfect.


Off-shoulder suits are also great for those that prefer to look a little less-skimpy. They cover enough extra skin to make you look a little more demure, but not too much that you look out of place in the beach.


You can also take an off-shoulder suit out for the night because it basically looks like a cropped top. You can take it from day to night very easily without looking like you just came from the water. Just pair it with shorts, a skirt or even jeans. Really, thank God for dual-function pieces.



But it kind of depends on what you’re going to do. 

Off-shoulder suits are definitely cute, whether you go for a one piece or a two piece. But if we’re being honest, they aren’t exactly functional. It’s a little difficult to swim or do sports in them because the design kind of restricts movement. But even so, it depends how tight the suit is on your arm. Plus, you can always opt to shake them off and just look like you’re wearing for a tube for a while—including when you tan.


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