10 Things to Avoid If You Want to Look Good in A Suit


Here’s the clincher: these mistakes are extremely easy to spot



If there’s one fashion investment a man should make—whether a self-proclaimed man’s man, a fella into fashion or a laid-back dresser—it’s a suit of his own. A modern man in the metro should never be without a good one.


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Important events (business functions, weddings, job interviews and so on) are part of the social and work calendar of a typical bloke in the city. And since dressing well is a form of good manners, there’s no excuse for showing up looking sloppy if you’re a stand up guy. Point blank: an ill-fitting suit is sloppy.


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This is where menswear can get tricky. When it comes to suiting up, a man cannot just dive with an “I guess that will do” attitude. Suiting up is, for the most part, technical. It requires time, tailoring and a good eye. With the help of Real Men Real Style, we point out the 10 things to avoid if you want to look good in a suit:


Mistake #1: Wearing the wrong jacket to a particular event.

That’s right: it’s not a one-and-done deal with the suit jacket. Below, a guide to help you suit up—with the appropriate jacket—for your events.


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Mistake #2: Shoulder seams that don’t fall on the shoulder bone.

The stitch that connects the body of the jacket with the sleeve should align perfectly with the shoulder bone.



Mistake #3: Puckering.

This one is the dead giveaway of an ill-fitting suit. It screams: “I’m not letting these biceps breathe.”



Mistake #4: Jacket sleeve that reveal too much of the shirt worn underneath or doesn’t reveal it at all.

The jacket sleeve should end at the wrist bone and should reveal ½ inch of linen from the shirt worn underneath the jacket.



Mistake #5: Forgetting about the jacket length.

Oh, but they do. The wrong jacket length can create the illusion of a disproportionate body.


This is where your tailor comes in: The perfect jacket length is half the distance between the base of the neck and the ground. A way to gauge without the use of a measuring tape: your knuckles should line up with the bottom of your jacket.



Mistake #6: The jacket creates an x-shape crease around the buttons when worn.

This means the jacket is far too tight. The perfect jacket should show a subtle curve around the waist. A jacket that’s too big obviously will look baggy.



Mistake #7: Buttoning all the way up.

Follow this guide for the correct way to button up your jacket:



Mistake #8: Trousers that hug tightly or trousers that hang loose and evidently have extra fabric.

Fit will depend on the type of desired cut of your trousers, but the universally flattering and time-tested one is a combination of slim and straight. It should hang and fall straight with circumferential allowance.



Mistake #9: The trousers’ hemlines do not meet your shoes.

Excess fabric around the ankles can make you look shorter. Meanwhile a cropped hemline is a trendy look, but not recommended if you’re looking to invest in a classic suit.


No break or minimal break is ideal. A one-inch break is still visually appealing.



Mistake #10: Colors that clash.

The end goal when it comes to pairing shoes with the suit: achieving a sense of fluidity.


Considering you’re after the traditional or classic look, it pays to mind your color coordination so your entire outfit looks tied together. You can use the infographic below as a guide:


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Watch out for these mistakes when you buy your next suit. We assure you it’s worth putting in the work! Buy a quality suit once, and for a good 10 years, you are answered for.


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