Costumes You Can Easily Put Together Using What You Already Have in Your Closet


a.k.a the lazy person’s guide to Halloween costumes



There are two types of people when it comes to Halloween. One is the lover of the grand spookfest who goes all-out—it’s 100 or bust. For him, Halloween dressing involves the meticulous process of research, planning and execution, and weeks of putting together a custom outfit complete with props, hair and makeup. The second type is the person who’s down to hop aboard the Halloween train, but tries to maneuver his way around shopping for a costume as much as possible. This is the person who respects the holiday enough not to be the corny one who doesn’t dress up for fright night, but would really rather shop his closet than at the mall. This Halloween post is especially dedicated to the latter as well as Halloween dresser #3: the type of person who starts out with no plans of going out for Halloween, but decides to join last minute (a night out at a bar is still a night out at a bar, are we right?)


Now that Halloween is just right around the corner, check out these quick and easy costume ideas perfect for that last-minute assembly.


The costume: Damian from Mean Girls


What you need: A pastel hoodie, sunglasses and a little sass

Throw in this phrase when you’re out and people don’t get your costume: “She doesn’t even go here.”


The costume: Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family


What you need: A black dress with a white collar or improvise with a white collared shirt worn underneath a black dress, hair parted in the center, braided pigtails and a resting bitch face

Take the look up a notch: Pat on pressed powder in a lighter shade to get you nice and pale


The costume: Tom Cruise as Joel from Risky Business


What you need: An oversized long-sleeved polo, white cotton socks and black wayfarer sunglasses

The grand entrance: Slide into the room the way Joel did before that epic dance scene in the living room 


The costume: Mathilda from Léon: The Professional


What you need: A black v-neck shirt, a bomber jacket, pambahay shorts and a black choker

The prop: Carry around a potted houseplant


The costume: You from the future


What you need: Your regular clothes, disheveled hair, messy makeup and a bottle of booze

The look: It’s your hungover self from the day following Halloween traveling back in time


Now you no longer have to worry about brainstorming for that costume idea and sourcing the materials. And there’s pretty much no excuse not to dress up this time around! Happy Halloween, everyone!