Early Christmas Shopping: 10 Local Businesses To Support This Holiday Season


Beat the holiday rush and get started now!



Our country may be small, but we definitely know how to celebrate in big ways—especially when it comes to Christmas. Celebrations begin in September and our decorations stay up even as February rolls around. And one of the biggest things on everyone’s list this holiday season? Christmas shopping of course.


Sunnies By Charlie


Unless you haven’t seen a billboard or logged into Instagram for months, there is no way you don’t know what Sunnies By Charlie is. Created by some of the country’s It Girls, this brand is definitely one of our top gift ideas.


The products sold by Sunnies are affordable, stylish and effective. You’re bound to find a style for everyone on your gift list. And who doesn’t love a one-stop-shop?




Online shopping is made so much easier when you have options upon options to choose from. Sepa in particular is great for accessories because the brand is colorful, versatile and completely on trend. So for those that need a little it in their lives or embrace it like there’s no tomorrow, give them the gift of color.


Gypsy Stash


If you’re really in the mood to go all out on local Christmas gifts, visit Gypsy Stash. The company makes and sells native bags and tassel earrings for that trendy but practical friend of yours. Choose from the different styles, sizes and colors to suit each and every personality.


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Happy Skin


For the one-stop-shop for all your friends’ beauty needs, check out Happy Skin. Not only are the products locally made but they’re versatile, easy to use and cater to every kind of beauty girl—whether all out or humble about it. Not to mention, their packaging is incredibly cute, too!


Human Nature 


It’s hard to get a foothold in an industry as old as personal care, but Human Nature has done so almost flawlessly—and there’s a reason why. Their products that range from baby products, home products and personal care, are affordable but work wonders for anyone that uses them—which make them the perfect gift items.


Buttery & Co. 


What do you give someone that has everything they could want or need—or are otherwise incredibly picky? Food! Buttery & Co. makes some of the best baked goodies around. Get a serving of their ensaymada, mamon, cheese tarts, cheese rolls and everything else. The best part? No guilt required, because they offer (relatively) healthy options!


The Custaroonery


Filipinos have a talent for mixing things together, and The Custaroonery might just be the epitome of that. Putting two well-loved dessert—the macaroon and custard—is no small feat. And yet the company does it without breaking a sweat. The sweet yet crunchy treat is something anyone would enjoy.


Snooze PH


Here’s a little secret: No one actually goes to bed in sexy lingerie. In fact, we’d all rather sleep in pajamas—but cute ones! Snooze PH is where you can find adorably onesies for you and your friends. Not pajama people? Don’t worry, they have bedroom slippers and mermaid blankets too!

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Anthill Fabric Gallery


Fashion with a purpose—that’s Anthill Fabric Gallery. The company weaves together style with social consciousness and the apparel incorporates fabric woven by communities in Abra, Cebu, Bukidnon, Benguet, Mindoro and South Cotobato. So if you want to give back two times over this year, look no further.



Then again, if you really do just want one store that can serve as a hodgepodge of everything, there’s no better place to go to than Bench. The store almost literally has everything, but it definitely has what you need for your gift-giving needs. Go through their racks of clothes, socks and accessories or their shelves of scents and nail polish—and be finished before you know it.




Gift giving is not an easy task, so take your time shopping for the ones you love—just get it started already so you don’t stress out.