Gen Z Yellow Is a Thing…and We Kind of Want to Fill Our Closets with It


And isn't this a nice, refreshing change?



As it goes in fashion, two things typically dictate trend forecasting: The next big thing is either an enhancement of the trend that came before it or, on the other extreme end, it’s the exact opposite.


There are, however, some exceptions: In the case of color trends, pink—and very subtle enhancements of pink—is enjoying an extended time in the spotlight.


Long before Pantone named “Rose Quartz” one of its colors of the year for 2016, pink had already been making rounds: It began gaining momentum in late 2013 and early 2014, when Glossier began featuring bubblegum pink packaging and the film The Grand Budapest Hotel premiered. And large publications like New York magazine’s The Cut even acknowledge, “Millennial Pink is the color that refuses to go away.”


via The Cut and National Geographic


But alas, pink’s big moment must come to an end eventually. Can you guess the color coming up from behind? It’s what Man Repeller is calling “Gen Z Yellow,” a refreshing, attention-grabbing and vibrant yellow that disrupts this obsession with soft pastels in a kind of lovely way.


It’s on the streets:

via Getty Images and Daily Mail UK


Now, the runways:

(L–R) Highlights from the Spring 2018 shows at fashion week: Jacquemus, MSGM, No. 21, Roksanda and Versace.


And the red (well, not in all cases, but you get the drift) carpet:

(L–R) Millie Bobby Brown, Zendaya Coleman and Andrea Riseborough.


Gen Z yellow is a refreshing welcome change. As the brightest color in the visible spectrum, it relays cheerfulness and warmth; in fashion, it’s zesty, fresh and forward…and makes for a show-stopping, instantly memorable outfit. Keep scrolling for beautiful Gen Z yellow items we can’t wait to fill our closets with:


Ruffle Wrap Dress (P2,995) by MANGO


National Artist Collection Cesar Legaspi Batwing Top (P1,695) by FREEWAY


Hi-Lo Flare Pants (2,949) by bYSI


Camp Crab Jacket (P4,999) by YVES CAMINGUE


Chimera Gazaar Pants (P2,999) by YVES CAMINGUE


Tie-Wrap Blouse (P849) by ZALORA


Metallic Pleated Skirt (P2,295) by MANGO


Running Riot Sunglasses (P2,849) by QUAY AUSTRALIA


Fan and Flower Earrings (P5,100) by LOKALWEAR


Tassel Earrings (P495) by HEY SWEETY


Mobile case (P8,800) by Dolce & Gabbana


Yellow Macaron Sling Bag (P1,980) by IXACC


Bow Front Backless Loafer (P2,449) by RIVER ISLAND