How to Rock a Single-Color Outfit According to Designers from Manila Fashion Festival


The Spring 2018 showcased some to-die-for looks, show-stopping pieces and style tips on the side



Twice a year, the local fashion industry orchestrates the hottest seasonal events—the events—to know and look out for if you consider yourself a true lover of all things fashion. As the Pinoy audience becomes more and more style savvy, more fashion events will naturally pop up left and right, joining the roster of purveyors of style. Still, there’s nothing quite like Manila Fashion Festival, by far the most exciting and captivating collections by the most promising designers the metro has ever seen.


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While it’s easy to be daunted by the mind-blowing productions at MFF, the glamorous silhouettes and some of the rather dramatic, seemingly unwearable-everyday elements you see coming down the runway, there are several looks running with the monochromatic trend that are chic, impactful and absolutely to die for. Keep scrolling for the standout single-color looks from Manila Fashion Fest Spring 2018!


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Let’s start things off with something simple: black. It’s the classic, most versatile color (trivia: it’s actually technically not a color) in the spectrum and presents a lot of style possibilities. Amesiella’s twist on the Little Black Dress from Manila Fashion Festival Day 4 was seen paired with classic single-strap sandals. The styling may be pared down, but the look is definitely still eye-catching, classy and chic.




The Japanese brand stayed true to the distinct Japanese aesthetic at the Spring 2018 showcase: flowy fabric, elements of kimono dressing here and there. This particular look, while it noticeably isn’t a single color, shows just how sticking to a color group is one way to add dimension and character to your minimalist ensemble.



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CJ Martin

Entitled Suture, this collection was all about artsy ways of layering fabric and new ways of stitching the pieces together. Styling need not be extensive and laborious; sometimes all you need is a metallic navy blue dress with a pair of sunglasses to match.



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Mia Arcenas

You might want to sit out pasta night in this one. An all-white ensemble may seem like a high maintenance look, but it’s something that can make anyone look instantly fresh and polished (when done right, of course). There’s still space to play around with styling here: mix different textures of fabric together, try layering or wear pieces with different cuts.



Jerome Tayao

The Colors of Coron collection was not only a lovely tribute to one of the most beautiful islands in the country, but was a visually stunning treat for fashion show goers. The single-color look in a deep, almost gray shade of green is another lesson in making your dramatic fashion statement through flounce and fabric instead of color.



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Powerful collections, inspiring designers and countless style cues you can take and then make your own: this is what fashion events are truly about anyway. Dare to wear one color head-to-toe soon?