7 Things in Life That Deserve a Second Chance


Because there's always a second time for everything



If there’s one thing in life that we all deserve, it’s second chances. May it be a second chance to fix a failed relationship, of which the reunited and now engaged Aljur Abrenica and Kylie Padilla have become our #couplegoals, or to reconnect with a long lost friend, giving something another shot is both the best and hardest decision you can make. Why because? Very few people succeed on their first try. So don’t be so quick to close that door or end that chapter in your life. As they say, some things are sweeter the second time around, just ask our favorite couple.


Here are some of the things that deserve a big fat ‘YAAAS!’ when it comes to second chances:


1.     Working out


When was the last time you moved to the beat of a Zumba class? Have you visited the gym since you made that #balikalindog resolution earlier this year?


Just because you skipped a few classes cause you were tired or sleepy doesn’t mean you can’t keep trying. The trick is to say no to excuses and drag yourself to the gym if needed. Trust us your body will thank you for it later.


P.S. Bring the squad to make exercise more fun!


2.     Second dates


“Ano, may sparks ba?” Remember how your first date went. Butterflies in your stomach, sparks flying everywhere but the end result was largely different from what you expected, like a perfectly romantic moment ruined by that large piece of vegetable between your teeth #dyahe


First dates can be very awkward, we know. But if you find yourself wanting to see that person again (despite that horrfying moment) maybe it’s time to keep in touch and plan that second date. You never know where it’ll take you; to a third date or down the aisle one day.


3.     People who deserve it


We are all human; flawed and very capable of making mistakes, the same way our loved ones can. But when we get hurt, we tend to forget that they’re very much human, too. Other times, the people we hold near and dear use that very excuse to hurt us. So while we’re all for second chances, give yours to the people who deserve it.


4.     Traveling


Nagmahal, nasaktan, nag-travel, kumpleto na ulit.


If you’ve had your heart broken, traveling to different places or even your favorite vacation spot is the best way to mend it. So you brought your ex there once, doesn’t mean you can’t go back and make new memories, right? After all, a place is never really the same; it’s all a matter of perspective. Be brave.


5.     Local films and music


We need to talk about how our film and music industry is getting better and better. You know it, we know it, the world knows it. Thus, our wins in prestigious film festivals and competitions in the international scene.


You’ve seen a few snoozy films for sure. But you can’t be knocking the rest just because of that. Take another chance and find time to re-discover the awesomeness of the Filipino.


6.     Food you used to hate


Ampalaya, broccoli, green peas are some of the vegetables you’ve pushed to the side of your plate growing up. But now that you’re a little older, why not give these another try? You only have more to gain by adding more and more vegetables to your diet anyway.


7.     Your life


Life can knock us down, especially when we’re faced with problems that seem almost impossible to overcome. But that doesn’t mean you should give up. Try and try until things get better because you deserve all the wonderful things this life can offer. So go ahead, make mistakes, learn from them and live life to the fullest. Because #yolo right?



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