8 Reasons You Should Get on a Bambike


Pedal your way to a healthy, helpful lifestyle with this one-of-a-kind bicycle


So you’ve decided that you’re going to lessen your carbon footprint by riding a bike to get around. Then, you decide that you want to own a Bamboo Bike to contribute to sustainable and environment-friendly efforts, since bamboos are all-natural. Did you know that through Bambike Revolution Cycles, you also support social entrepreneurship? Bambike rides are made even sweeter because they are made by bamboo bike builders (a.k.a. Bambuilders) from Gawad Kalinga, a Philippine-based community development organization for the poor with the objective to end poverty.


Anna Paredes of Bambike gives the following reasons why you will love owning a Bambike.



1 Sustainable materials (bamboo and abaca) and eco-friendly ways are used in build the Bambikes.  


2 Fair-trade labor practices are employed when engaging the builders who all live in work in the Gawad Kalinga Village in Tarlac.


3 The Bambike is a beautiful marriage of natural bamboo and abaca to aircraft-grade alloys.



4 Each Bambamike is handcrafted and one of a kind.


5 The Bambike is certified by the European Standardisation Committee (CEN) for bicycles with EN 14766 for mountain bicycles and EN 14781 for racing bicycles.


6 Aside from providing jobs for members of the community, Bambike also sponsors a weekly feeding program for the children; scholarships; and cultivates a bamboo nursery for reforestation.


7 Bambikes are great for use in all weather conditions. Some of the models are: Mira Nila Classic, Luntian All-Terrain, Ligtasin Cove Beach Cruiser, and Victoria.


8 Of course, no carbon emissions!



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