It’s E-trikes!


Discover these 5 interesting facts about electronic tricycles


We all know how ordinary tricycles emit a lot of pollution which can be hazardous to our health and the environment. In response to this dilemma, one e-trike manufacturer, EVWealth Inc, a subsidiary of Guevent Investments Development Corporation (GIDC), has come out with electronic tricycles or more popularly known as e-trikes that run on electricity instead of gasoline. Not only do they reduce air pollution, e-trikes also have other benefits, particularly in dealing with our country’s transportation challenges. Here are five interesting facts about e-trikes.



1 E-trikes are not as expensive as you think.

For an amortization of P275 a day, payable for at least three and a half years, one can have his own e-trike and be its operator as well.


2 E-trikes get charged.

Like any other machine that runs on electricity, e-trikes are plugged into charging stations. KEA Motors, a local Cavite-based e-trike manufacturer, has developed its own charging station. As part of its green efforts, a tricycle cooperative in Bacoor, Cavite has purchased 10 e-trikes from KEA Motors in order to make its transport system more environment-friendly. (Note: It takes around six to eight hours to fully charge the battery, at an approximate cost of P60. 



3 E-trikes have special features.

With a 6-person seating capacity (excluding the driver), e-trikes run at a maximum speed of 60 km/hr and have less vibration (hence, no noise) while running. Plus, the e-trikes also follow the Land Transportation Office’s Road Worthiness Guidelines and Regulations, guaranteeing safety for both passenger and driver.


4 E-trikes have economic benefits, too.

E-trikes provide more jobs and give the government more taxes because of additional withholding taxes. Plus, with these kinds of tricycles plying the streets, an estimated VAT of P1.57 billion is anticipated to be earned by the government based on sales of 100,000 e-trikes.


5 E-trikes run on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Because they use lithium-ion, e-trikes are low-maintenance (no need for periodic discharge).