Who is Flashlight Girl Ann Makosinski?


Take a few minutes to get to know this amazing half-Pinay


Eighteen-year-old Ann Makosinski’s story is the stuff teenagers’ dreams are made of. With several science achievement awards already in her pocket, Ann still goes to college at the University of British Columbia, where she is chomping at the bit and raring to get out into the real world and do more.


If you haven’t heard about her amazing discoveries yet, here are the top 5 things you need to know about Ann (things you can tell yourself for inspiration as well).



1 She cares.

Story goes that she has a Filipino friend who found it hard to study due to a lack of light and electricity, as is wont to happen in a developing nation. Being a good friend, Ann creates the world’s first flashlight powered by body heat, to help her friend get around the energy problem. This invention led to her winning the 15-16 age group category of the Google Science Fair in 2013.


2 She is creatively thrifty.

The same story goes on to describe Ann’s prototype – a mass of circuitry and an LED light bulb all housed in a length of PVC pipe. As long as it fixes the problem, the PVC pipe doesn’t bother her. Include another of her creations, the E-drink. The same time tech applies, only this time, it is a cup of hot coffee that charges your phone instead of powering a bulb. She sees how everyday things can solve a lot of problems.



3 She is practical.

You can even see it in the goal, which is to find low power sources of energy for today’s popular devices. Convenient and practical, to be more precise. It's no wonder she is chosen to be the spokesperson of Uniqlo, a Japanese fashion company that finds her creations parallel to theirs.



4 She is pretty cheeky too.

Ann once appeared as a guest on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Show and familiarly accosted the host in a somewhat condescending fashion, which Jimmy easily took in stride, to his credit. But as a young adult in front of an international audience, she was confident without being annoying; just certain of herself.



5 She is half-Filipino.

That should explain all of the above. Ann is someone who cares enough to make a new a creation halfway across the world for a friend who needs it; one who would save on the frills as long as it is functional, convenient, and useful. Like a true Pinay, Ann sees the humor in everything, and is willing to laugh with it.