The Best Cosplays So Far This Year


These cosplayers know how to bring their A-game



The genius of cosplaying is that people can get dressed as whoever they want. There are virtually no rules to follow or break, as long as you let your creativity take the lead. Moreover, there is no certain genre that restricts you. There are games, movies, comics and series of all kinds to choose from. There really is no wonder why some individuals have gotten so deep into the practice.


@bryan.cochran as Negan


Simple but effective. This cosplay gets our thumbs up for the spot on imitation of the man we love to hate, Negan. From the hair to the beard and the barbed wires on his baseball bat, this cosplayer definitely knew what he was going for and just went for it.


@aurorahermione as Rey


Rey is a particular favorite when it comes to cosplay, especially in the recent 40th anniversary celebration of Star Wars. But this one particularly caught our attention for the attention to detail that the less meticulous would overlook. That leather cuff and rebel pilot helmet knocked this look out of the park.


@noctis_cxiv as Noctis 


The hype over Final Fantaxy XV is clearly not over and is not going anywhere anytime soon. And while we think Noctis’ hair is what really sets him apart from the franchise’s other characters, this cosplayer proves that it’s also the attitude and the accessories that make the look.


@creepy_cactus_ as Aquaman


Aquaman is gaining a lot of traction because of the upcoming Marvel film and this cosplay is the epitome of fandom. The tattoos alone would have taken some time to put on, but the hair and the contacts really take it to the next level.


@baneintherain as Bane and @zoom_cw_cosplay as Professor Zoom


If we have heroes, then we also have villains. These two stood out particularly because we can hardly tell that they’re even cosplays. These boys killed it from head-to-toe and from all angles.






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