Kristen Wiig's Funniest Moments: A Birthday Tribute to One of Our Favorite Ladies in Comedy


The comic genius turns 44 today



It’s difficult to imagine Saturday Night Live, Masterminds or Ghostbusters without Kristen Wiig. In fact it’s difficult to imagine the landscape of comedy, in its entirety, without Kristen Wiig.


Her impressive resume is a lesson in sustaining momentum no matter how gradual the pace: she went from improv performer to movie extra to comedy sketch artist before getting her big break. This came after almost a decade in the industry. Wiig went on to becoming a household name in 2011 after Bridesmaids took the box office by storm. On top of playing Annie, the “maid-of-dishonor” in the surprise hit, she co-wrote the screenplay and co-produced the movie.


Wiig has all the bases of comedy covered: the talent for writing and delivering great material, the grit, the hard work. She’s armed with a quick wit, an endless arsenal of impressions and the kind of charisma you just can’t learn in class or at a workshop.


Here, apart from singing her praises, we’re rounding up five of Kristen Wiig’s funniest moments (and trust us, it was hard to pick just five) as a birthday tribute to one of our favorite ladies in comedy. Happy Kristen Wiig Day, everyone!



#1: When she did a Drew Barrymore impression on SNL and it was spot-on


#2: When Annie (Wiig) and Helen (Rose Byrne) try to out-toast each other during the engagement party in Bridesmaids



#3: When she played drunk Cinderella for a sketch on Saturday Night Live



#4: When she presented an award with Will Ferrell at the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards



#5: When she showed up as Khaleesi on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (though she clearly doesn’t follow Game of Thrones)