Remembering Diana, The People’s Princess


There’s still so much to know



It’s been some 20 years since Princess Diana’s life was cut short by a tragic accident that shook the world. But despite the decades that have since passed, she’s still celebrated by nations everywhere and we’re constantly finding out new things about her life.


The learning process just never seems to stop.


She wasn’t the (book) smartest.

While she was well-educated, Diana wasn’t the smartest pea in the pod. She failed her O Levels twice—that’s equivalent to a secondary education—and she often joked about her poor academic record.


She worked low-paying jobs.

Despite her upbringing, Diana worked a series of low-paying jobs when she moved to London as a teenager. She was a dance instructor, a nanny, a teacher’s assistant and even did some cleaning work for her sister, Lady Sarah and her friends.



She was almost a royal in-law

Diana’s sister was the first to date Prince Charles. That particular relationship was short-lived and when the heir to the British throne showed interest in the younger Spencer, Sarah gave her full blessing.


Her engagement ring was picked out of a catalog.

Royal brides are normally given custom-made engagement rings, but Diana picked hers out of Gerrard jewelry catalogue—but this doesn’t mean it was a cheap purchase. The 12-carat sapphire set in 18-carat white gold cost £94,800 (P6.2 million). The ring is now worn by Kate Middleton.


She broke tradition the second she married Prince Charles

For her wedding vows, Diana abandoned the tradition of saying that she would “obey” Charles. Three decades later, Kate followed her lead.



She had a favorite dessert.

Princesses—they’re just like us. According to her long-time personal chef, Darren McGrady, Diana loved bread and butter pudding.


But she was still strict with her diet.

Despite this, Diana still kept a close eye on her diet. McGrady went on the record to say that the royal had a healthy diet, which largely consisted of chicken, fish or stuffed vegetables.


She’s the reason why Princes William and Harry are so outgoing.

Continuing her non-traditional ways, Diana often took Princes William and Harry on outings that were previously unheard of. This ranged from activities of vacations to Disney World to visiting AIDS clinics and homeless shelters.



She was a cool mom.

Once upon a time, a young William had a crush on Cindy Crawford. And being the cool mother that she was, Diana invited the supermodel for dinner in Buckingham Palace.


She was incredibly popular.

On July 29, 1981, 750 million people watched Diana get married to Charles. Sixteen years later, her funeral was watched by 2.5 billion viewers.




More than her pretty face, Diana was known for her compassion, warmth and heart. She (justifiably) broke traditions left and right, paved her own way and didn’t let anyone tell her any different—and that’s why we’ll always remember her so fondly.