Vloggers That Break Beauty’s Status Quo


Because everyone deserves someone to look up to. 


We all grew up playing with the same Barbies, watching the same shows and seeing the same types of faces on magazines. It might have screwed up our perception of beauty at the time and people have gotten tired of this. More importantly, they’re changing things.


Nyma Tang

Proudly representing her South Sudanese roots in Nyma Tang, a beauty vlogger who uses her videos to combat colorism in the beauty industry. When she was younger, she used to look for darker colored people to look to for beauty tips and was saddened that none of them actually had “dark skin.” But then Nyma turned things around and made herself the one darker-skinner girls can look to for advice and inspiration. 



Manny Gutierrez

From the beginning of its time, men wore makeup. Then somewhere along the way, it became unfashionable and exclusively feminine. But then there are those like Manny Gutierrez who prove that  boys can still slay when they wear makeup. Anyone else jealous of his undoubtable talent? 



Patrick Starrr

There's also Patrick Starrr who admits having grown up a good Christian Filipino. But without skipping a beat, he also couldn't deny his love for the artisty of makeup. And we have to say, he's definitely perfected his technique!



Jake Warden

People say that age is just a number. And if you ever needed proof, then just take a look at Jake Warden. The young makeup guru serves up so many looks that we can't even keep up anymore.


Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason

Individually, Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason have worked with some of the biggest retail companies that cater to plus-size women. Together, they’re a force you cannot stop. The two recently released their own plus-size line called Premme, which is, to put it humbly, on fire. Not only are they trendy, flattering and completely on point, but the pieces are affordable too.



Kate Ogata

Fashion models are generally tall and it kind of hurts when clothes don’t fit the same for us that stand below 6 feet. But then again, there are those shining stars like Kate Ogata that prove you don’t have to be much taller than 5 feet to rock a look. At just 5’2’’, she’s as petite as they come and doesn’t hide it too.



Em Ford

Primer, foundation, concealer, powder, BB cream – all these things help us fake good skin. There’s such a pet peeve about bad skin nowadays that we all feel we need to hide the slightest of blemishes. In a touching and courageous video, the woman behind My Pale Face went bare-faced, both literally and figuratively.



We’re seeing real changes here – the kind we don’t want to fight off.