#WCW: Jennifer Lawrence, Vogue’s Latest Cover Girl


Our spotlight is on one of Hollywood’s realest girls



When we have the opportunity to be perfect, we take it more often than we don’t. That’s why we learn how to do our makeup and dress for our body type. But in the constant battle to appear perfect, it’s refreshing to see someone be unapologetically themselves—trips, slurs and cuss words included.


This week, we have our eye on Jennifer Lawrence. 



She’s just like us

Jennifer is great at owning up to her mistakes and embracing the dorky side of her. She’s fascinated by her fellow Hollywood stars, but she can throw down insults like she breathes, too. She’s fallen while getting up on stage, made a fool out of herself by photobombing red carpet photos and we adore her for it.


Her body of work

One of the best things about J.Law is that she doesn’t exactly fit into a certain niche in the film industry. She’s a definite leading lady, but her body of work is varied and doesn’t stereotype her into one particular genre. She’s done drama, comedy, action and indie—and her performances have often been well received, too.


Right now, we’re looking forward to Mother!, where she stars opposite Javier Bardem. The on-screen couple’s relationship is put to the ultimate test when uninvited guests arrive at their home. The resulting scenes appear to be everything south of creepy.



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Her body

We aren’t saying she’s a plus-size girl—far from it. But we also can’t deny the fact that Jennifer isn’t built like a lot of the other Hollywood girls. She’s got curves on her, which is refreshing, and she isn’t ashamed of it either. 


Her style

J.Law is usually seen sporting more casual attire when she isn’t working, but she knows how to turn it up on the red carpet. She’s been on several best dressed lists during Awards season and there really is no wonder why. Because she doesn’t always play by the rules, she manages to surprise us with her choices, whether it’s a tight-fighting red dress or a billowy white gown.


Images via Instagram/JenniferLawrencePX


Her cover shoots

This need not be said, but Jennifer always manages to slay in her cover shoots. The most recent proof? Her shots for Vogue’s September issue, of which she has not just one but four.


Images via Instagram/VogueMagazine



Gorgeous, isn’t she?