#WCW: Kristen Stewart's Post-Buzz Cut Style


The ultimate girl crush



Ever since she entered the throngs of Hollywood, it was obvious that Kristen Stewart wasn’t like the other actresses of her generation. She slouched her shoulders when she walked and posed, her hair was always a little disheveled and her eyeliner was a little on the thick side—but we loved her for it then and we love her for it now.


“My style is a little edgy and different,” she once told Vanity Fair. “It’s fun to wear clothes that show off my personality and I feel more comfortable and confident when I do.”


That was over a year ago and K Stew is looking even better nowadays.


The refresh comes from her buzz cut, which—let’s face it—not all girls have the courage and face to do. And yet, Kristen carries it flawlessly and has continued to work it everywhere from the street to the red carpet.




She was right when she said her style is edgy and it’s a way of dressing that we’ve come to sort of expect from her. In all the right ways, Kristen knows how to wear a tough look without going overboard and jumping the line from style-statement to just scary.




No one in entertainment can rock a masculine look the way K Stew does. The beanie, the top, the pinstripe pants and those classic black sneakers—we’re in love. But she did make sure to dress to her size by cropping the shirt and cuffing those pants.




That’s right, our girl can and does go both ways. All it took was a more girly palette, a simple silhouette and less black accents.




She may not be a full-fledged model by profession, but we cannot deny she does the off-duty look perfectly. A cropped top, a pair of denim shorts and those cute sunnies are everything, only heightened by her no-nonsense personality.


Fashion event slayer 


This is Kristen killing it at the Gabrielle Chanel fragrance party in Paris last month. No words necessary.


If there’s anything we learn over and over from Kristen, it’s that it’s always best to dress the way you want to. The world will learn to appreciate your style eventually. And even if they don’t, who cares?