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Thanks to the Internet, it’s become a little easier to share one’s work and get noticed by the right people. It’s also gotten less taxing for, say editors, producers and talent scouts, to discover *~amazing~* new talent. And for us spectators, we’re just happy to come across the social media pages (thanks to Instagram’s Explore page) of these incredibly creative individuals. So here, we list down just some of the names that caught our attention, from photography to music and more:


Andrei Suleik


Andrei Suleik is a photographer who has been capturing images, moments and interesting humans for local indie titles like Purvyr. A dear friend to both Nadine Lustre and James Reid, what we find most interesting about Andrei is that his works or subjects are not limited to the usual fare. The lens man says he finds random people to shoot through Instagram’s Explore page (read the full interview via Felipe & Sons here). And that in itself suggests that Andrei is an open-minded, keeps-on-exploring and inclusive kind of guy. Now who wouldn’t want to work with someone like that?


Erwin Canlas


Erwin Canlas has been on the block for a while, but 2017 was probably his year as we saw the young photographer shoot editorial after editorial, cover after cover and more recently, campaign after campaign (surely you saw that new Penshoppe ad). And with his oft-clean aesthetic and unexpected, sometimes offbeat touches post-edit, we see an even brighter future for Erwin Canlas.


Carmen del Prado


Carmen del Prado is more than just a photographer and a fashion filmmaker. She’s a visual storyteller with the ability to capture a scene or a moment, a living thing or a person in its most organic state. Inspired by nature and the energy of her hometown in the Visayas, Carmen’s works come alive as each reflects her passion for documentary, fashion and adventure.


Gabb Gibs


Gab Gibbs is one half of the gorgeous Gibbs sisters and The Gibbs Guide, and daughter to showbiz parents. But when people say there is more to Gab than her famous last name, they were dead serious. The 19-year-old is a graphic artist who also just recently finished her makeup artistry studies from Cameron Jane Makeup Design Academy in Sydney Australia. But prior to that, Gab had already been making waves in the digital scene and working with big-name brands thanks to her incredibly deft hands, creative eye and sassy charm.


Leslie Espinosa of Kapwa Studio


Leslie Espinosa is the co-owner and head creative of Kapwa Studio, a hair salon and barbershop in the day and whatever cool space you want it to be at night (no, srsly, it transforms into an event space, a studio, anything). What Leslie takes pride in though is being a hairdresser, she says in an IG post. “All day we get to be creative, bond with others and make people feel amazing.” And who are we to argue? What woman doesn’t get a confidence boost after getting an amazing cut, color or even a blow-dry!


Florian Trinidad


Florian Trinidad serves up 90s streetstyle hot and fresh AF thanks in part to the fact that her own personal aesthetic is an homage to the golden era of hip-hop. Flor has become local fashion’s go-to for lookbooks, editorials and campaigns (that Oxygen campaign though) that take you back in time but features less grit and a little more polish. And as fashion continues to throwback to the days of yore, we can’t wait to see how Florian will mix things up with her signature brand of cool.


Jess Connelly


Jess Connelly first entered the scene as a TV personality. And while she did make some noise in that industry, it wasn’t long after that when Jess and the rest of the world realized her true calling is music. And what a refreshing gift it was to hear a new voice in the pop- and EDM-saturated music scene. Jess’ sound is soulful as it is contemporary R&B. It’s sexy without trying, edgy and underground, much like her fashion choices. Now combine the two and what do you get? A woman that just can’t be ignored.


Donny Pangilinan


Amidst a sea of young and good-looking faces online and on TV, it’s hard to keep up and focus one’s attention on just one individual. But with Donny Pangilinan, it was different. Having celebrity parents may have given him access to showbiz, but getting people’s attention with sheer charm is something else. You’ll see what we mean when you tune in to MYX Channel where the 19-year-old heartthrob is a VJ. Meanwhile IRL, Donny is into music and sports, and being part of such fitfam goals, he joins triathlons, too.  



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