What's With December And All The Pretty People Born In This Month?


December birthdays seem to be the common denominator among these current and future heartthrobs



Studies, articles, books and, more so, postulations continue to be written about birth months and “what they say about you.” Beyond shared personality traits, birth months are legitimate identifiers for things like success. Malcolm Gladwell’s bestseller “Outliers,” for example, goes into detail about how your birthday affects your chances of excelling in sports and the business world. Backing up this theory with more research, the journal Economic Letters recently published a study about birthdays and a person’s chances of becoming CEO (Sorry, June and July babies, the running theory is you’re less likely to grow up to become corporate bigshots).


Seeing things through a more mystical, let’s-talk-about-energies-in-the-universe perspective, any believer in astrology and numerology will tell you birthdays do more than influence your successes. And this is why people turn to their horoscopes for insight on their career, finances and yes, even sex life.


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On a lighter note, we’re taking this opportunity to point out another odd occurrence in relation to birth months and what they say about people: Why is it that there are so many beautiful people born particularly in December? Scroll through to see what we mean!


December 1

Zoe Kravitz

via @zoeisabellakravitz on Instagram


Janelle Monae

via @janellemonae on Instagram


December 2

Britney Spears

via @britneyspears on Instagram


Gabbi Garcia

via @_gabbigarcia on Instagram


Lucy Liu

via @lucyliu on Instagram


December 3

Jessy Mendiola

via @senorita_jessy on Instagram


Julianne Moore

via @juliannemoore on Instagram


Pietro Boselli

via @pietroboselli on Instagram


December 4

Mario Mauer

via @mario_mm38 on Instagram


December 6

Stormi Henley

via @stormibree on Instagram


December 7

Derek Ramsay

via cosmo.ph


Nicholas Hoult

via Popsugar


December 8

Ian Somerhalder

via @iansomerhalder on Instagram


December 11

Sam Pinto

via @sampinto_ on Instagram


December 14

Vanessa Hudgens

via @vanessahudgens on Instagram


December 15

Adam Brody

via Bustle


December 16

Theo James

Photo: GQ Spain


December 17

Milla Jovovich

December 18

Brad Pitt

via GQ


December 19

Jake Gyllenhaal

Photo: Matthew Brookes


December 20

Lara Stone

Photo: Calvin Klein


December 21

Jane Fonda

Photo: W Magazine


December 22

Ralph Fiennes

via Popsugar


Vanessa Paradis

Photo: Chanel


December 23

Finn Wolfhard

via @finnwolfhardofficial on Instagram


December 24

Ricky Martin

Photo: Paper Magazine


December 25

Ariadna Gutierrez

via @gutierrezary on Instagram


Justin Trudeau


December 26

Jared Leto

December 27

Kristina Pimenova

via @kristinapimenova2005 on Instagram


December 28

Joe Mangianello

via @joemanganiello on Instagram


Denzel Washington

via GQ


Sienna Miller

Photo: The Coveteur


December 29

Alison Brie

via @officialalibrie on Instagram


Jude Law

via Fanpop


December 30

Mia Kang

via @missmiakang on Instagram


Kristin Kreuk

via TVLine

via @jessmclements on Instagram




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So go congratulate a December baby on their face today!