10 Best #NgayongFeb14 Reactions


Because it’s almost Valentine’s Day and some of us are still single



Valentine’s Day is perhaps one of the most awaited holidays on the planet…if you’re taken. But if you happen to be single, that’s okay. Know that you’re not alone and that somewhere out there, there are people who share all your feels. From the bitter to the funny, the nonchalant to the utterly sarcastic, here are the best #NgayongFeb14 reactions:



Sending this guy some love


No date? No problem


Because love yourself


It’s a holiday within a holiday!


Don't they make such a good couple?


Because ignorance is bliss


We’re all thinking the same thing




Somebody give this guy a hug


The Biebs is always right #loveyourself



To the singletons, #NgayongFeb14, have a happy weekend!






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