#WCW: Claudia Barretto Sings Her Way To Our Hearts


She’s doing something different



The Barretto family is no stranger to the local entertainment scene. The name itself is synonymous to films, iconic characters and fun commercials. But in a family that is so popular, followed and well-loved, how do you even begin to stand out?


Claudia Barretto is the youngest daughter of actress Marjorie Barretto. Her older sisters Dani and Julia have been in the family business for a couple of years now. But while some might think that Claudia has some pretty big shoes to fill, Claudia’s figured out that she’s better off wearing a new pair altogether.


Singing to her own tune.

Earlier this month, Claudia released Stay, her first single under Universal Records Philippines. The song was written by singer-songwriter Moira Dela Torre and peaked at number four on Spotify Philippines’ Viral 50 Chart on its first week of release.



In a press conference to promote the single, the 17-year-old rising star told the press that music has always been her passion. And for those that think Claudia’s starting off a little older than her peers, she had just a simple explanation.


“It took a while before I became comfortable with the idea of letting my voice be heard in singing,” she said. “But once we had a good plan and a good song in our hands, it just went on from there.”


On those comparisons to Gretchen Barretto.

Her family may lean towards acting, but Claudia’s tita Gretchen Barretto did give singing a go some years before. Because of this, it was inevitable that a comparison would be brought to light. But when asked about how she felt, Claudia spoke like someone way ahead of her years.


“I think we’re very different naman,” she pointed out. “Our songs and our voice, [they are] different so I don’t mind.”


We’re with you on that, Claudia. And we can’t wait to hear more.



You can listen to Claudia’s music on Spotify with Globe.