5 Of The Most Adorable Kids On Instagram


You probably follow them already



There’s something about watching babies learn to walk, eat solids and grow up into someone’s mini-me before our eyes. It makes people happy! So just in case you need to get happy yourself, we list down the most adorable kids you need to follow on Instagram.


Scarlet Snow Belo (@scarletsnowbelo)


Scarlet just turned two and she’s just getting cuter by the day! We also love that her feed is filled with positive messages, reminding us to always be grateful.


Team Kramer


We practically watched the Kramer kids grow up through the feed of their beautiful mom, Chesca Kramer (@chekakramer). And from their posts, we’ve learned that the most important thing in life is and will always be family.


Olivia Reyes (@oliviamreyes)


Olivia’s feed will show you what life is like as a toddler, from learning how to read and sing the A-B-C song to randomly getting featured on The Ellen Show because her (parents’) captions are so on point.


Maria Letizia Gracia Dantes


No doubt baby Zia is one of the most adorable kids on Instagram. Though she doesn’t have her own IG account (yet), you can follow Marian Rivera Dantes (@marianrivera) or fan accounts to get a glimpse of Zia and her matching cute outfits with her mom!


Zion Gutierrez (@ziontheyounglion)


Zion the young lion is one handsome tot to watch. Follow his official fan page to stay updated on his adventures, growing love for music and more.






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