#BFFGoals Are Strong With These Local Celeb Pairs


We all need that special someone to get through life with



The world of show business might be notorious for being tough and cutthroat, but these local celeb BFFs prove that this is not always the case. These girls know how to have fun, but we know they have the most fun when they’re with each other.


Georgina Wilson and Jess Wilson

Sharing more than just a last name, George and Jess seem share the same passions, too. They’re always snapped wearing some of the most on-trend and classic outfits, and they’re always so supportive of each other’s endeavors. 



Maxene Magalona and Saab Magalona

Though the Magalona girls spent some time apart due to a feud, they eventually found themselves back together again, as most best friends do. Saab publicly admitted that she had a hard time saying sorry even though she knew it was her fault. Maxene, on her part, was ready to forgive and forget once her sister apologized. 



Toni Gonzaga and Alex Gonzaga

Toni and Alex are very public with their affection and it’s obvious how much fun they have with each other. When director Paul Soriano proposed to Toni, Alex reportedly walked away in protest because she didn’t want to lose her sister. 



Nadine Lustre and Lauren Reid

You remember when your mother used to dress you up in the same outfit as your sister? Well, Nadine and Lauren prove to us that it’s okay to do it even when you’re older. It's also okay to do it with friends! And hey, if your bestfriend just happens to be the sister of your boyfriend, be thankful for the great hand that life dealt you. Just try to keep the more intimate stories to a minimum.  



Lovi Poe and Heart Evengelista

Supporting your bestfriend is always a great way to show how much you love them and Lovi reminded us of this during Heart’s wedding. She was front and center as one the bridesmaids and you can just feel how happy Lovi was through her tears. 







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