Boyfriends Of Instagram: The Unsung Heroes Of Those Picturesque Posts


It’s their time to shine



Do you ever wonder why some girls have such great Instagram photos? Sometimes it’s like they flat lay-ed themselves on the sand, or they somehow got the sun to agree to hit their face just right. Well, we have the answer, and the answer is this: Boyfriends of Instagram. They take countless photos, learn about angles and help make your photos as double tap worthy as possible. And ladies, it is time to give them their time in the spotlight.


Boyfriend #1 is unashamed to get help from a buddy.


Check out how focused he is and how carefully he’s holding that phone to make sure it doesn’t fall on his girlfriend.


Boyfriend #2 has some serious skills.


Double points for getting on the sand for that perfect angle. We’re thinking the sunset is somewhere between the girls’ legs. A+ for you, Boyfriend #2.


Boyfriend #3 sure is patient. 


Because taking one great photo of five different girls is a challenge in itself. One girl will be caught blinking her eyes, the other will complain about her smile, their friend will decide that her goofy face does not work well on camera and so forth. But this guy doesn’t even seem frustrated.


Boyfriend #4 is fearless.


Just watch him brave those waves so that his girlfriend can post that perfect photo. Bonus points for his evident balancing skills.


Boyfriend #5 knows when and how to do things for himself.


Sometimes the boyfriends need those killer shots for themselves. 






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