Princess Diaries 3: All The Questions We Want Answered


Julia Andrews and Anne Hathaway are already on board!



What’s this we’re hearing about another Princess Diaries movie? Yes, we’re on the edge of our seats as well. What’s more exciting is that Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway, who played the Queen and Princess Mia respectively, have already confirmed they want in.


“There’s talk about it,” Julie told BuzzFeed News last month. “And [Anne]’s very keen to do it. I would very willingly and happily do it.”



Now since we know that the main actors are both willing to be on Princess Diaries 3, it’s time to discuss what we want to see happen. And, quite frankly, there are a lot of questions to be answered.


How are Clarisse and Joe doing?

We all saw the happy ending we really wanted from Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. That is, that Joe (Hector Elizondo) and Clarisse finally tied the knot in an elegant ceremony that fit their love story. But now we want to see how they’ve settled in their lives, especially since Clarisse is no longer the Queen of Genovia.


Does Mia finally have her happy ending?

She may be the new queen, but we are still unsure about whether or not Mia actually ended up with Chris Pine’s Nicholas. We thought she had her happy ending with Michael (Robert Schwartzman) from the original movie, but that evidently didn’t work out. Could the writing team throw us off a second time with Princess Diaries 3? We hope not.



Is Mia Kicking Butt As Queen Of Genovia?

We all heard that speech that Mia made to the parliament that convinced them to allow her to be their queen. But she had just turned 21 at the time and the responsibility of ruling a country would have gotten to her eventually. We’d like to think she rules with grace, but with Mia, you never really know.


Are Lana, Anna and Fontana making a comeback?

Don’t pretend you’re not hoping for another sweet musical number from Mandy Moore. 







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