The Celebrity #MomBod: Women Who Teach Us It’s Possible


They know how to embrace those new curves



Pregnancy will change a woman’s body in more ways than one. It’s not just our stomachs that will balloon and the changes are not necessarily just physical. But despite the drastic transformations, some women bounce back to their old forms rather quickly. And while the speed at which it’s done is not exactly realistic for the rest of us, they do teach us that it is possible.


Bianca Gonzalez

In October 2015, Bianca and JC welcomed their baby girl, Lucia. After giving birth, Bianca was quick to lose most of the baby weight, as some women will experience. But to help the process, Bianca has stuck to a workout routine that she sometime shares on her Instagram account. 



Photo taken 5 weeks after Lucia’s birth.


Toni Gonzales

It was Toni’s turn to become a mother in September 2016. For a while there, she was posting throwback photos of herself on Instagram as her inspiration to get her body back. And who can’t relate to that? Nevertheless, we think she’s done a marvelous job at losing the excess weight.



Photo posted 19 weeks after Seve’s birth.


Marian Rivera

Since she entered showbiz, Marian has been one of the most recognizable faces in Philippine media. But when she became a mother, she embraced the changes being pregnant made to her body.  



Photo posted four months after Zia’s birth.


Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy’s pregnancy was a point of controversy, but in the end no one can blame her for making choices she thought were right for her family. “I think some people actually get really weirded out if you do bounce back too quickly,” she once told People. “But you'll never have the right answer and you'll never be right to everybody, so you just live and do what you can do best.”



Photo posted 10 weeks after Luna’s birth.


Kim Kardashian

No one makes a comeback quite like a Kardashian does. Kim has gone on the record to say that she had difficulty losing her baby weight. But she set goals for herself and kept herself motivated. In the end, she embraced the changes that her body has gone through. “If anything, those changes remind me of what I’m able to create with my body,” she wrote on her blog. “Two little angels that I love beyond words.”



Photo posted three months after Saint’s birth. 






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