#Browspiration: Ladies with the Best Brows on Instagram


Never underestimate the power of the perfect eyebrow



They say the eyes are the windows to the soul…In that case, the eyebrows are the curtains.


Playful use of metaphors aside, the eyebrows do serve an important purpose quite similar to those window curtains. Their main function is to shield the eyes from elements like sweat, rain and snow, and keep debris out. They also have a lot more to contribute to a person’s look: Eyebrows are a dead giveaway for emotions (they’re the most expressive part of a person’s face). They play a huge role in facial identification, holding together a person’s entire visual system that processes other people’s faces. Some folks even go so far as to say the eyebrows alone can reveal details about someone’s personality.


Grooming, shaping and how brows are filled in could drastically alter a person’s appearance, too. When filled in to look fuller, they can make a person look many years younger. Thinner brows, meanwhile, may make the face appear bigger.


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Ah yes, this is the power of the eyebrow. For any moderately vain person, finally achieving the perfect brow makes those bouts of trial and error worth it. From perhaps learning the hard way that eyebrows are supposed to be sisters, not twins to attempting the horrid “Instagram eyebrow,” consider these the rites of passage for every beauty girl—not unless, of course, you have girls who give you kilay goals to help guide the way.


Whether you’re into the defined, natural but filled in, thick, hold, thin, high arch, brushed up or straight brow, these girls are ones to keep tabs on. Sure, they switch up their makeup looks all the time, but one thing is constant: good brows make a good look.


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Christina Nadin, @christinanadin

via @christinanadin on Instagram


Janine Gutierrez, @janinegutierrez

via @janinegutierrez on Instagram


Kaia Gerber, @kaiagerber

via @kaiagerber on Instagram


Megan Fox, @the_native_tiger

via @the_native_tiger on Instagram


Max Collins, @maxcollinsofficial

via @maxcollinsofficial on Instagram


Cara Delevingne, @caradelevingne

via @caradelevingne on Instagram


Adrianne Ho, @adrianneho

via @adrianneho on Instagram


Yara Shahidi, @yarashahidi

via @yarashahidi on Instagram


Sage Tullis, @gtfosage

via @gtfosage on Instagram


Cindy Mello, @cindymello

via @cindymello on Instagram


Kelly Gale, @kellyboomboom

via @kellybellyboom on Instagram


Brooke Shields, @brookeshields

via @brookeshields on Instagram


Saab Magalona-Bacarro, @saabmagalona

via @saabmagalona on Instagram


Alisha Nesvat, @alishanesvat

via @alishanesvat on Instagram


Jorja Smith, @jorjasmith_

via @jorjasmith_ on Instagram


Natalia Castellar Calvani, @nataliacastellarcalvani

via @nataliacastellarcalvani on Instagram


Gabs Gibbs, @gabsgibbs

via @gabsgibbs on Instagram


Zhenya Katava, @zhenyakatava

via @zhenyakatava on Instagram


Jessica Clements, @jessmclements

via @jessmclements on Instagram


Katarina Rodriguez, @katarinarodri

via @katarinarodri on Instagram


Cindy Kimberly, @wolfiecindy

via @wolfiecindy on Instagram


Now, go forth and use this inspiration to achieve the kilay of your dreams!


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