The Beauty of Body Diversity: 12 Gorgeous Curvy Ladies to Follow on Social Media


Meet some of the women redefining what sexy, stylish, powerful and beautiful are



Women today are up against ideals that have been ingrained in society and relentlessly reinforced by various industries for years on end. It may appear as though there is nothing wrong with these ideals (they did serve a purpose at one point or another, didn’t they?). But it begs the question: who were these ideals created for? The modern-day woman is asking…because it isn’t her.


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Clearly, these dated ideals needed to be revisited. And the current shift in how women perceive their bodies, their futures and their capabilities has been a long time coming. On all fronts, there are battles to be won: putting an end to slut-shaming, getting women to support instead of compete with one another, removing the stigma attached to women choosing not to have children. But if there’s a good place to start on the battlefield, it’s gunning for representation.


Here, get to know 12 astounding women who are changing the dialogue on body diversity. Sure, it’s easy to ride on the coattails of body positivity, but the message isn’t as impactful if women of all shapes and sizes aren’t represented. For these 12 ladies, their advocacy began with merely showing up. It began with being visible. And now, with every Instagram post, public appearance and fashion campaign, they’re helping society inch its way closer to smashing the rigid, unrealistic ideals of beauty.


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Ashley Graham

via @theashleygraham on Instagram


Saffi Karina

via @saffi_karina on Instagram


Kat Gumabao

via @katgumabao_ on Instagram


Danah Gutierrez

via @thedanahsoars on Instagram


Paloma Elsesser

via @palomija on Instagram


Stacy Gutierrez

via @anastazcia on Instagram


Morgan Louise

via on Instagram


Robyn Lawley

via @robynlawley on Instagram


Candice Huffine

via @candicehuffine on Instagram


Beth Ditto

via @bethditto on Instagram


Tara Lynn

via @taralynn on Instagram


Ruth Leyesa

via @ruthleysa on Instagram


The surge of women empowerment is changing the game, but society has only begun to scratch the surface. Get on the right side of history and empower your fellow women. Remember: all bodies are beautiful!