Woman of the Week: Emily Oberg


The half-Filipina sneakerhead, former resident cool girl at Complex and the ultimate digital babe is changing the streetwear game



Don’t write off 23-year-old Emily Oberg as another social media influencer. The gentlewoman and master of the hustle put in the work in order to rise from the ranks: She made her way from working student to freelance model and stylist to editorial correspondent and then editorial producer for Complex. What she lacked in age at the time, she made up for in perseverance and hard work; in the process, she made a name for herself in a male-dominated industry. And team Complex called it “an end of an era” when Oberg signed off earlier this year to pursue her new career as the creative lead for Kith.


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Proving to everyone that she’s a force to be reckoned with and definitely more than just a pretty face, Oberg has clear-cut goals and has no intention of powering through. In her sights right now? Building her own streetwear empire.


If she turns out to be your new career crush by the end of this post, we won’t blame you.


Once a streetwear girl, always a streetwear girl: From the get-go, Emily Oberg knew this was her passion.

The landscape of streetwear is not what it was before: There were not a lot of girls who dabbled in it or showed interest. “But I think it's expanded over the past two years,” she told Eliza Brooke of Fashionista. “And girls [now] are like, ‘Okay, it's acceptable to like all this stuff boys like and not be considered a tomboy.’”


She immersed herself in reading material at an early age, helping herself to Complex, Hypebeast and Highsnobiety magazines.


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While at Complex, she produced a documentary called Sold Out: The Underground Economy of Supreme Resellers.

The film follows modern-day businessmen—some as young as 13 years old—who “flip” Supreme products, reselling items at up to 15 times the original price.


You can watch the full documentary below.



Oberg also hosted her own series called Get Sweaty

A new take on fitness with celebrities, Oberg’s Get Sweaty is a workout video and interview in one. Chat over crunches? Why not?



Watch workout routines with Nicole Scherzinger, Cardi B, Chantal Jeffries, Ludacris and more celebrities here.


In 2015, Oberg launched her own brand Sporty & Rich

“I wanted to make an extension of everything that I like and have the clothes represent that,” Emily told Eliza Brooke of Fashionista. “The sweatshirts I use are the same ones that Supreme uses — I have the same factory in Canada. My T-shirts are made in the U.S. I do limited drops because it's a lot of work with everything I have going on. People are like, why do you do such a hype release? And honestly, I couldn't do more.”


Photo: Eric Chakeen for Vogue


The label is also accompanied by Sporty & Rich magazine (Oberg hopes to breathe life back into print.) As of May this year, she’s launched her second issue. “[Issue 2 is] a lot more vast,” she told Hypebae. “You can expect pieces on wellness, the environment, sneakers, art and design…but covered differently way than we normally see.”


Sport & Rich Issue 2. via Sporty & Rich


Oberg’s Instagram is a great source of style inspiration.

She has a knack for styling streetwear with high fashion, feminine with masculine, relaxed with luxe and does it all in her own distinct, super fresh way.


“[Instagram] is the new resumé. People are always like, how do you get more followers? I'm like, I don't know, it's honestly not something that you try to do,” she explains. “Obviously girls can post risqué photos and that will do the job, but I don't think that's the best way to go about it. If you have good taste, that's number one, and then just being authentic to yourself, and being unconventional.”


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Earlier this year, Oberg was named Creative Lead for the women’s division of New York-based brand, Kith.

The brand’s founder Ronnie Fieg told Business of Fashion: “I feel like the women’s side needs a voice and direction from somebody who will be wearing the product. We think that Emily represents the youth and has her finger on the pulse… she has great taste and I think she fits our aesthetic and where we’re going as a brand.”



She even showed at New York Fashion Week, casting LeBron James in the fashion show.

The collection features collaborations with Nike, Timberland, Bergdorf Goodman, Adidas and Moncler. LeBron James got to close the show.