3 Must-Have Apps for Stress-Free Traveling


Need help packing, budgeting money and sharing amazing photos? We’ve got you covered


Whether you’re a millennial trying to satisfy your wanderlust or a young professional needing to meet a client overseas to seal a deal, traveling has become an integral part of our generation’s culture. But it can be difficult when you take everything into consideration, from the packing to the logistics. Let these apps lighten the load and put your travels in order. So you can focus on the more important stuff, like that meeting, taking photos or simply having fun.


1. PackPoint Packing for Sheraton


Forgetting to pack something for a trip is one of the most stressful yet common problems for many travelers. It’s a hassle to have to find a replacement for the thing you left back home when you should be enjoying your trip, so good luck if you’re in the middle of nowhere!


Stress no more as PackPoint plans what you need to bring with you. It considers the kind of trip you’ll embark on, the length of stay, the activities you’ll do and even the weather conditions. It has a simple interface, which makes the job of packing lighter than usual.


Free on iOS, Apple Watch and Android. In-app purchases available


2. XE Currency


XE Currency isn’t your typical money converter. Not only is it quick and efficient with its sleek user interface that shows you multiple conversions of popular currencies at a glance, but also informs you of the latest market trends in the places you’ll visit so you can compare prices while you’re vacationing. It also updates every 15 minutes to give you the most recent conversions to keep you and your wallet in check.


Free on iOS and Android. In-app purchases available




You can’t really challenge Instagram for being the best photo-sharing app because of its easy-to-use interface and overall marketability. But you can’t really say the same for its photo editing capabilities. That’s why you’re better off using VSCO for enhancing once-in-a-lifetime photos. VSCO’s user interface is minimalist in design but might be difficult for beginners to grasp. But believe us, once you get the hang of it you’ll have the most amazing photos to add to your good-looking feed. You can literally spend hours giving in to your inner artist perfecting your priceless photos.


Free on iOS and Android. In-app purchases available