5 Roadtrip Ideas for the Weekend


Expand your horizon and discover these getaways that are just a drive away from the metro


It can get crowded in the city. So when you just want to escape the hustle and bustle, open your mind to doing new things and exploring new places. Get out. Ride your car. Wander. You will be surprised where the road can lead you. Is it to a new home? A new hobby? New knowledge? There’s one way to find out: drive. 




Approximately 55km from Manila

Feed your hunger for adventure and trek the Masungi Georeserve in Tanay, Rizal, where the famous web-style platform Sapot is found. Here, you will see the spectacle that is the Laguna de Bay. Across the trail you will also get to a few peaks and caves that boast different rock formations. You were born to be wild, weren’t you? Perfect! 


Clark Freeport Zone


Approximately 95.5km from Manila

Driving to Clark, Pampanga might not be on top of mind when considering places to visit up north of Metro Manila. But you might be surprised with the activities lined up. If you’re looking to relax, visit Puning Hot Springs where you will drive through lahar landscapes on a 4x4 jeepney, indulge in their sand spa and mudpack services, among others. A non-negotiable munch stop is at the A.C. Rumpa Restaurant, where they offer affordable tender American meat cuts served the way you like it! Before heading back to Manila, stop by any of the duty-free groceries for discounted local and imported goods. Ready your belly, bud! 


Mt. Pinatubo


Approximately 92km from Manila

Ride a 4x4 jeep and drive along the crater of Mt. Pinatubo. It’ll be breath-taking and a tad intimidating to be this up close and personal to one of the country’s active volcanoes. You can also rent a boat to cross the crater lake and camp overnight. 




Approximately 70km from Manila

Overlooking restaurants and hotels, cooler weather, bulalo and Mazapan sweets, horseback riding, and kapeng barako. There are too many good things to do, eat, and go to in Tagaytay that it has become every Pinoy’s quick getaway. To add excitement in your usual go-to’s, don’t be afraid to drive farther down the road for new finds. Who knows, you might have a secret spot up there—for a while at least!   




Approximately 110km from Manila

The best thing about the province of Batangas is that it stretches to over 3000 kilometers, covering landscapes and bodies of water across its area. If you want to go for a food trip, then head down to the city of Batangas and Lipa for lomi and longganisa. If you’re looking for historical landmarks, Taal is the town to go. And we all know where to drive to when the sun is out—Nasugbu for the beaches!