Having Trouble Commuting in Metro Manila? Download Sakay.ph App Now


The app will make you commute like a pro


Commuting in Metro Manila is a daunting task for those who are unfamiliar with the streets and the routes of the city’s public transport. You’ve probably gotten lost, if not still getting lost when you’re on the move. Whether you have poor sense of direction or you’re new to commuting, your streak of wandering from your destination and pretending to take a winding route will end with Sakay.ph. The app, which you can easily download on your iOS or Android device, was made to guide you through the metro.


1. Set your destination.


Figuring out where you are and where you want to go is made easy with the app’s location service. It’s accurate as long as you have a good mobile network provider. Simply input where you want to go and the app will tell you which roads and mode of transport to take best based on your location.


2. Check out the suggested routes.


Sakay.ph generates routes based on frequent updates from the DOTC, LTFRB and MMDA, and it’ll show you the travel time for each route. So yes, you can avoid terrible traffic jams caused by accidents or get ahead of the pack during rush hour.


3. Don’t worry about the money.


Worried about not having enough cash for your commute? Never again. Sakay.ph not only shows you how to get from one place to another and for how long, it also gives you fare estimates, so you can prepare the cash beforehand.


4. You can even help a friend


Oh, so you’re in that type of barkada? You can finally give accurate and useful directions to your house (or anywhere else you want to meet up) via SMS or email, so your friends will never get lost or come late to your hangout ever again.


5. Print the directions.


Seriously, the makers of Sakay.ph thought of everything. If you can’t rely on your phone to last you the whole day because of its low-battery life (here's how to make it last longer) or other tech-related flaws, you can go to sakay.ph, type your origin and destination, pick then print your route.


Just be discreet when you check the map. Gotta keep your street cred legit.