7 Ways to Experience an Adventure-Filled Holiday


The four-day weekend is finally here! It's been three long months since the year began, and you probably can't wait to sip, swim, and relax at the beach. Good thing you already planned your IT, booked your flights, and saved some cash.


Or not. Were you too busy to catch the last airline promo or you just don't have budget for vacation?


Don't worry. You don't have to spend these four long days doing nothing at home. Check out these top 7 fun-filled activities to do this long weekend!



Biking in Manila (Intramuros, Binondo)

Image credit: Ella Regis


With everyone either out-of-town or just staying at home, the city roads will surely be empty. This is the perfect time to pedal and explore traffic-less Manila.

Start your urban adventure in Intramuros. Go back in time as you navigate the old brick roads that will lead you to age-old historic sites. After the walled city, visit the nearby district of Binondo. The streets will be teeming with food and other delights, so don't forget to take pit stops.

If you have your own bike, you can pedal your way to Manila or bring it with your vehicle. The parking lot in Fort Santiago is a good starting point. Simply type "Fort Santiago" in Waze and it'll lead your right to it. Make sure to bring your helmet, water bottle, sunblock, facemask, and rear light. 


Biking in Rizal

Image credit: biyaherongbarat.com


If you want to do something challenging, then you must try biking in San Mateo, Rizal. Located east of Metro Manila, the hilly landscape is ideal for a cyclist's riding adventure. But first, you must conquer the famous "Wall of Timberland"—a gruelling 2km long ascent that'll challenge you not only physically but also mentally. Be warned that this is a very exhausting activity, best to prepare yourself before trying. Once you get up the wall, you can start exploring the different off-road trails. 

If you're unsure about how to get there, remember that Waze is your best friend. Whether you're pedalling or driving on your way there, just search "Timberland Heights." Make sure to bring lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. It's called the "wall" for a reason.


Take your dogs to Laiya, Batangas

Image Credit: www.thepoortraveler.net


If you want to give your dogs a treat that's more than just tasty kibbles, take them on a daytrip to Laiya, Batangas! 

Most of the beaches and resorts here are pet-friendly. It's the place where you can watch their excitement and curiosity as they explore the warm beach sand and turbulent waves for the very first time! If your flurry friends know how to play fetch, bring your Frisbee or favorite ball and see them run like the wind. 

To get there, drive to Lipa City, Batangas via SLEX and Star Tollway. From here, go to Rosario, then San Juan, and go south towards Laiya. Be sure to ask the nearby resort first if there are entry fees for you and your pets. Bring food and water for your canine buddies and don't let them out under the scorching noontime sun. Also, some dogs don't like water so keep an eye on them when walking at the shore.


Jog around Makati-CBD


Do you want to see a different view of Makati-CBD, even though you're here five times a day? 

Spend this long weekend on exercise at the country's business district. Go to Ayala Avenue at 5:30AM or PM and catch how magic hour light up the thousands of windows above you. With a lesser number of vehicles around, the air would be cleaner and more fit for a jog. 

Start your run at the open parking lot beside the Filipino Heritage Library. Did you know that the triangle formed by Makati Ave., Paseo de Roxas, and Ayala Ave. used to be the runways of Nielson Airport? Explore this historical site by jogging around Ayala Triangle. If you want to break more sweat, run along Ayala Avenue and turn left at Rufino. Once you get to Legaspi and Washington Sycip Parks, you can tune down and smell the fresh air. If you're looking for the best way to reward yourself, visit the specialty coffee shops in the CBD and get a taste of single-origin brewed coffee. 


Skate in BGC

Image Credit: www.spot.ph


Bonifacio Global City is the developing business hub of the Metropolis. But on this holiday, it's your playground. 

Take your skateboard or longboard and enjoy the empty streets of BGC. There are some not-so-travelled-roads where the asphalt is smooth with a slight descent, such as Lane S beside the football pitch, or 31st Street beside Track 30th Park. If you skated when you were a little younger, this is the time to bring out that trusty-old board again. If you're a newbie, break in that new cruiser. BGC also has parks where you can relax after a day of skating. It's also the place where you can meet your fellow skaters. 

Don't be afraid to bring out your inner kid, as long as you have your safety helmet.


Revamp your Home


You don't need to leave the house to have fun. Transforming your home into something a little bit more interesting? Now that's an adventure worth trying. Revamp your home DIY-style! 

Before the hardware stores close for the long weekend, start planning your design and buy your tools and materials. You can also rummage your storeroom to see if you can still use some of your old tools and ornaments. If you've always wanted to paint that wall with literary quotes, now's your chance. You can also be a little more creative by painting it with a beautiful scene. 

It's also a good time to declutter. Get rid of the things you haven't used in a while like old clothes and furniture. Change things up in your home and make room for better things to come! 


Make an actual Photo Album or Scrapbook


After a fun-filled long weekend, it's nice to relive your adventures by looking at the digital pictures you've taken. But this time, don't just store your photos in your hard drive or share it in Facebook. Exercise your creativity by making a photo album a la-scrapbook style! 

You can't print every single picture, so start by choosing the best ones. Select the picture of your dog frolicking on the sands of Laiya, or the different orange hues of Makati-CBD as dawn breaks. Don't just end with your most recent album. Go ahead and select the best photos of your previous adventures. With probably thousands of photos in your hard drive, this can be a tedious activity. But once you're done, you've already taken a big step forward in your photo album project. 

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