Can You Name These Sports Movies?


All you get is a line and a screenshot



We may not all be athletes, but we can all appreciate a good movie. And if you’ve found yourself leaning towards films that center on sports, you are definitely not alone. But how many have you actually seen?


“I see pain after going through what I went through when I was so young. But I see happiness. I see me overcome things that a lot of people would break down [from].”


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Answer: Iverson


“Courage is a hard thing to figure. You can have courage based on a dumb idea or a mistake, but you are not supposed to question adults…Maybe they know what’s best or maybe they don’t.”


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Answer: Blind Side


“You had me at hello.”


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Answer: Jerry Mcguire


“I've been in this game a long time. I'm not in it for a record, I'll tell you that. I'm not in it for a ring. That's when people get hurt.”


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Answer: Moneyball


“Hell, I loved myself when I was drinking. It was the other people that had the problem!”


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Answer: Man Of The House


“They're bigger, faster, stronger, more experienced and on paper, they're just better. And they know it too. But I want to tell you something that they don't know. They don't know your heart. I do. I've seen it. You have shown it to me.”


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Answer: We Are Marshall


“People die in fairy tales all the time.”


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Answer: Cinderella Man


“They laughed at Louis Armstrong when he said he was gonna go to the moon. Now he's up there laughing at them.”


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Answer: Blades Of Glory


“You said we're a team. One person struggles, we all struggle. One person triumphs, we all triumph.”


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Answer: Coach Carter


“If karate used defend honor, defend life, karate mean something. If karate used defend plastic metal trophy, karate no mean nothing.”


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Answer: The Karate Kid Part III



So, how many did you get right? Don’t worry if you missed out on some. You can always catch your favorite movies on HOOQ or Netflix with Globe.