What Pet Should You Get Based on Your Personality?


Take this test to find out


Puppies and kittens may be adorable to watch, but living with one or two and taking care of them is another story. Are you impatient? Maybe a puppy that will want all your attention 24/7 (or chew through your slippers because they’re teething) is not for you. Not the cuddling type? An exotic reptile might do the trick. Take this test to help you narrow down that what-pet-to-get list.


How do you spend your spare time?

a. Going out with friends be it hanging out in the city or exploring the great outdoors

b. Staying in to read a book or watch a good series, but you like to go out from time to time

c. Doing whatever as long as it’s at home and doesn’t involve people

d. Attending social gatherings, especially the themed ones, is your thing

e. Doing unexpected things really. For you, spontaneity is the name of the game

f. Doesn’t matter, you could go out or stay in


When asked to describe your home, you say

a. Homey

b. You like small living spaces that are easy to maintain

c. You haven’t really paid that much attention

d. Beautiful and grand

e. Eccentric

f. Uncluttered


And your personal style would be

a. Fuss-free and easy

b. Anything black or on the other end of the spectrum, anything kitschy

c. Whatever, you don’t really care

d. Flamboyant

e. Unique…or dress according to your mood/vibe. Anything goes actually!

f. Clean and minimalist


The house chore you hate doing the most is

a. House chores in general; where’s the fun in that?

b. You actually like cleaning house, you even find it therapeutic

c. You don’t mind if you’re asked to do chores

d. You likely have people polishing your fine china

e. What chores?

f. What? You like tidying up…a lot


Your ideal partner is someone

a. Fun-loving and loyal

b. Can handle your temper

c. Wouldn’t mind staying in, doing nothing

d. Outgoing as you are

e. Game for anything

f. Just as chill


Your friend calls and he/she needs your help

a. You immediately come to his or her rescue

b. What’s the gravity of the situation?

c. What friend?

d. Depends, is he or she a social friend or a good friend

e. If you're available, you will come to the rescue

f. Offer sound advice and assess whether your physical presence is needed


When it comes to food, you like

a. Meat or your vegetarian (because PAWS/PETA)

b. Your adventurous with food

c. You have a healthy diet of vegetables but you also eat meat

d. You have an appetite for really good food

e. Exotic food of course

f. Food that hits the spot and tastes good





If your answer is:


Mostly a: Get a dog or better yet, adopt one

You’re loyal and dependable, extroverted, agreeable, and conscientious much like man’s best friend. You’ll also likely enjoy your dog’s companionship when you do fun outdoor activities or go out for a run.



Mostly b: Go for cats

You’re pretty independent and you like your alone time same as cats. You’re a good listener and you like cozy, small spaces. Though prone to anxiety and neuroticism, you are a bundle of fun, creativity and attitude!



Mostly c: Rabbits are your BFFs

Many pet rabbit parents are extremely introverted and are equally prone to neuroticism. But that doesn’t mean they’re not sympathetic or warm! 



Mostly d: Get a feathered friend

Bird people are polite, well mannered and caring. You like going to social affairs, are expressive and quite the articulate conversationalist. Trivia: experts say females who keep birds as pets are socially dominant.



Mostly e: A cold-blooded exotic pet will suit you best!

You’re not the most agreeable person but you’re pretty chill and reliable. Your tastes are usually unconventional and you like novel things and ideas. Rational and goal-oriented, you’re also very independent.



Mostly f: F is for fish

Fish people are go-with-the-flow types, calm and emotionally stable. But they’re also highly detail-oriented, territorial and like their space clean, so they wouldn’t mind cleaning the fish tank every 3 to 7 days a week.