Which Dating App Is For You?


How do you know which to download?



Let’s face it: Apps make life easier. Pressing a few buttons is easier than talking to someone over the phone to make a delivery order, hailing a ride is easier when you don’t have to negotiate fees and knowing which roads to pass is half the battle won. And it’s pretty much the same for online dating.


Yes, there is a lot of stigma around the use of online dating apps. People think it’s unnatural to meet others online, meet up with them and maybe start an actual relationship. Well, once upon a time the mere act of speaking with people via a portable box was unnatural. So what’s with the beef?



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Time to see which dating app out there is for you.



1. What do you usually talk about on a first date?

A. The basics: School, career, hobbies, interests and age

B. You ask the big questions: What moves them, what they believe in and what they’re inspired by

C. Where they’re from: What their culture is like, what religion they grew up with and where their parents are from

D. Your common friends: Who they know, how they know them and how they all connect back to you


2. What is your biggest deal breaker?

A. Having very little things to talk about

B. Not thinking in the same wavelength 

C. Cultural differences

D. When you don’t see them getting along with the people you’re closest with


3. What’s one thing you look for in a person?

A. That they know how to have a good time

B. That they’re more traditional than they are liberal 

C. That you more or less have the same background

D. That you run around in the same circles


4. How long do you wait until the conversation goes from shallow to deep?

A. You don’t count, just let the conversation go where it may 

B. You dive right in on the first date (but not in a scary way)

C. When you feel like the ice has been broken

D. When you know you can trust him/her


5. When looking at a potential date’s social media pages, what do you usually look at the most?

A. Photos

B. Captions on photos and shared content 

C. What they love to celebrate 

D. Who they hang out with



6. What would you do if you come across a mysterious and virtually empty profile?

A. Just go for it

B. Hesitate, but end up going for it

C. Dig deeper, but give up if there’s really nothing to see

D. Block them


7. What would you like to do on a first date?

A. Something exciting, like a go cart racing 

B. A movie and casual dinner

C. Dinner at a fancy restaurant

D. You’re down for whatever your date wants to do


8. How would you describe your dating philosophy?

A. Collect and select 

B. Build a foundation before getting serious

C. Birds of the same feather flock together

D. Keep things within your circle of acquaintances and friends


9. Who would you like to go on a date with?

A. Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother)

B. Ted Mosby (How I Met Your Mother)

C. Popoy Gonzales (One More Chance, A Second Chance)

D. Rachel Greene (Friends)


10. How would you know if you’ve met the one?

A. You don’t want to see anyone else

B. If you’re comfortable spending nights in instead of out

C. You feel safe being yourself around them

D. When you’ve introduced him/her to your family and barkada


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If you picked


Mostly A’s

You should download: Tinder (iOS, Android)


You’re all about having fun until you actually find someone you want to settle down with. You don’t think it’s wrong to see multiple at the same time as long as the parties involved know about it or until you agree to become exclusive with just one person. Tinder gets a lot of flak for being a hook-up tool, but it does become an avenue for more serious things as well.


Remember though: There’s no harm in casual dating only as long as it doesn’t stand in the way of finding something real.   



Mostly B’s

You should download: OkCupid (iOS, Android)


You look for real compatibility right off the bat and don’t like wasting your time with people you know you won’t have a real connection with. OkCupid allows you to answer questions and the app uses these answers to find how well-matched you are with other users.


Remember though: Compatibility is not the only thing you need to consider when finding your #PerfectMatch. 



Mostly C’s

You should download: Coffee Meets Bagel (iOS, Android)


You aren’t opposed to meeting people of different backgrounds, but it’s your preference to end with someone that has the same beliefs as you—religion or otherwise. Coffee and Bagel is adorably named, but it is also effective in filtering out people of other beliefs and ethnicities.


Remember though: Sometimes a difference in background is a good and eye-opening thing. 



Mostly D’s

You should download: Hinge (iOS, Android)


Connections are important to you and you never really stray far from your group of friends. Hinge provides you with a roadmap to a match, including who you have in common on social media. This allows you to ask about the person and get first-hand information from someone that actually knows them.


Remember though: There’s something great about mystery as well. 


There’s no shame in getting yourself out there, whether you choose to go to parties or go online to meet potential partners. You never know where the #PerfectMatch will come from.




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