What Phone Fits Your Lifestyle?


Take this quiz to find out if you and your phone make the ideal pair. 


When in a relationship as intimate as the one we know you have with your phone, compatibility is a must. Your phone is literally a reach away at any given time, whether it’s in your pocket, in your bag or beside your laptop at work. You look at and use it probably more than anything else, but is the relationship a healthy one? Is there a better one waiting for you out there?


Answer the questions below to find out!


What would you consider your biggest strength? 

A. Mathematics and numbers 

B. Written and verbal communication 

C. Visual arts 



How would you describe your aesthetic preferences? 

A. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s functional 

B. Minimalist is the way to go

C. Whatever is trendy 


How would you describe your fashion style?

A. Comfortable

B. Simple

C. Sleek 


What do you tend to prioritize? 

A. Having things your way

B. Having things come easy

C. Getting value for your money 


What do you do with your free time?

A. Play mobile games

B. Socialize with the people around you

C. Post photos on social media sites and blog



What situations would you prefer?

A. Quiet get togethers

B. Parties where you can meet new people

C. Gatherings where you and your friends can meet new people together


Where would you like to live?

A. In a village 

B. In the heart of the city

C. Somewhere within driving range from the city  


What’s your preferred ice cream flavor? 

A. Vanilla

B. Lemon Sorbet

C. Chili chocolate 


What shoes do you wear on a daily basis? 

A. Sneakers

B. Heels or leather shoes

C. Boots


What do you do while on vacation?

A. Relax and unwind

B. Follow your pre-planned itinerary to the minute 

C. Take photos of everything 



If you answered mostly —


A’s, you and Samsung are meant to be

You and a Samsung smartphone are a pair made in heaven. You’re willing to spend on things that you want and need, but you’re also very practical. However, practical for you means something that you can tailor fit to your tastes and everything is good when you have this capability.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is perfect for you because it has some of the best features in the market, which you can use and not use at a moment’s whim. Get yours or a similar model today with Globe’s ThePLAN.


B’s, your heart belongs to Apple

You and anyone of Apple’s iPhones are total #CoupleGoals. You like things simple and you prefer when everything is ready to go when you are, which the flagship provides for you perfectly. Minimalist, clean and no-fuss is always the way to go for you.


The iPhone 7 RED might be a wonderful match for you because it gives you exactly what you need just as you want it but in simple but bold style. Get yours at a deal with Globe’s ThePLAN.


C’s, you and Huawei will make a great pair

You and a Huawei mobile phone are perfect together. You have very specific tastes and preferences, which the handheld meets perfectly. The photos you take will come out just as you want them—usually even better—and the look of the phone is something you’ll never get tired of.


The Huawei P10 is ideal for you because of its specialized Leica cameras and because of the value it gives you for your money. Get the full experience with Globe's ThePLAN offers. 






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