How You Should You Go All out in 2018?


Because #GoAllOut is the new #TreatYourself



2018 is the year of self-appreciation, self-care and self-love. It’s the year of making sure that while you work hard, you play hard, too. Life is too short for the mundane anyway and it’s high time we all embrace the amazing things it has to offer.


This one’s #ForTheLove of great food, entertainment, spending time with friends and family, pursuing your dreams and all other worthwhile in-betweens. Take the quiz to find out how you should go all out in 2018. See where life can take you when you save worrying about limits for another day:


1. Pick the weekend activity that appeals most to you:

A. Blowing off some steam at the gym

B. Disappearing from the world to binge-watch movies with your dog

C. Spending a little me time getting your hair and nails done, getting a massage and going shopping

D. Heading out of town for a quick getaway with friends


2. You decide to bring out your inner daredevil and just go crazy. What stunt comes to mind?


A. Go skydiving

B. Sneak into the VIP area at a concert

C. Go on a shopping spree and clean out the sales

D. Fly out of the country without warning and just disconnect from everything and everyone


3. If you were to have an unlimited supply of something for one day, it would be…

A. All the junk food in the world!

B. Various types of cheese

C. Wine, please

D. Rice…definitely, rice…


4. What fear would you love to overcome?


A. Heights

B. Large, rowdy crowds

C. Humiliation

D. Doing things alone


5. If you won the lottery, you would likely treat yourself to…

A. An extravagant night out with great food, drinks and company

B. The renovation of one of the rooms in your house

C. Pampering fit for a queen

D. A car




If you got mostly A’s: You’re ready for something extreme.


2018 is your year, and doubt and hesitation have no place in it.


If you got mostly B’s: Indulge in the hobbies that make you happy.


You’re a relatively mellow fellow, but you’ve got an urge to go all-out just waiting to be ignited: and it has a lot to do with your love for music and movies. Soak it all in! Go see the musical acts you love when they come to Manila, don’t skip out on movies that get you excited and get working on that movie bucket list!


If you got mostly C’s: Treat yourself and kick self-love into high gear.


It’s okay to think about me, myself and I. It’s time you thought of yourself as an investment.


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If you got mostly D’s, book that flight to your dream destination already.


2018 is the year you shouldn’t hold back. You’ve clocked in the hours and earned those vacation leaves. What’s keeping you from seeing the places you’ve been dreaming of visiting?


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